A morning of trampolining.

My relatives are in town so my mom bought a Groupon for trampolining for my brother, my cousins, and I. I have never been to a trampoline park but I have always grown up with a trampoline in the backyard and LOVED it, so I knew it was going to be a good time. I was only 36% concerned I was going to injure myself and destroy my running career with one off-bounce on the trampoline. 😉

We had an hour pass at the trampoline park and I think that was just enough time. After about the 50-minute mark we were kind of bored of what they had there, and to be honest… exhausted! It was a super fun way to spend time with my cousins though!


The photo above was taken by a grandma at the park watching her grandchildren. I asked her to take a photo of the four of us and she looked like she took a few but was confused because there was no click or sound or flash. I told her I’m sure she got one and when I checked my photos she had actually taken 72 photos. She figured out real fast how to do a “photo burst.” 😉

We played some dodgeball, some basketball, jumped off of the beam, and hopped around on the many trampolines lining the floor. It was a blast! We are a graceful family.

trampoline graceful

After doing a 4.43 mile run, 30 minutes of stepper, and 30 minutes of glutes and calves as my workout before the trampoline party, I have to admit I was totally exhausted when we were done at the park. Trampolining is such a good workout! I remember when we used to have one in our back yard and I would skip rope on it and I could only do it for like 10 minutes because it was so tiring!

It was definitely a fun way to spend time, we got a great deal on the hour of activity, and I didn’t injure myself. Win win win.

exhausted trampolining

There wasn’t a HUGE area of trampolines and I think for us “kids at heart” it got boring after the hour, but I definitely recommend it! Edmontonians, LZ Trampoline Park is a good one! They have trampoline aerobic classes running a few nights of the week which I think would be super cool to try!

Have you ever been to a trampoline park?

Any activities you tried that you didn’t think would be a good workout but totally were?


    1. Nice! I have a friend who is a Nanny and she totally did the same thing! Kids go crazy there and it’s super fun for “kids at heart” too!

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