An afternoon long run… WTF.

Yesterday I worked SO EARLY. On Friday night I went out with a few running friends for some drinks but sadly realized I had to be up before 5am to get to work, and I didn’t want to be super duper tired for work (just super tired probably), so I didn’t stay too late. An early morning shift meant I had to do my long run in the afternoon.

Usual Friday night pre-long run fuel. PIZZA. This time I tried a cauliflower crust, replacing the zucchini in THIS recipe with cauliflower. Delicious!


Saturday morning at work I eagerly awaited my coworker who started at 8:45am and was bringing me coffee. She is a saint. I was fine working the first couple of hours and then around 7:30-8 I hit a wall and was either needing a nap or a coffee. Since my boss doesn’t condone “napping” on the job (I know, right?) I devoured that coffee and loved every second of it.


PROS of running in the afternoon:

  • I can eat all day pre-run and make sure I am accurately fuelled for the run in the afternoon. I had a quest bar around 6:30am with an apple, then around 10am I had oatmeal with peanut butter and flax. Closer to 12 I had some yogurt with raspberries, and then ran at 1:20pm. I felt a lot better fuelled than my early morning fasted runs. Duh.
  • I can take time in the morning to relax, drink water, and mentally prepare and plan my run. I can also map it out so that I run no further than the required mileage.
  • It is sunny and there are people everywhere out and about and it makes the run more entertaining.

CONS of running in the afternoon:

  • SO HOT. It was only like 23 degrees Celsius but it felt humid and I’m a princess, so it was “hot” by my standards.
  • Everyone is out and about and sees me dancing to Taylor Swift as I run.
  • I accidentally photo bombed a bridal party taking pictures in a park. WHO TAKES PHOTOS IN THE MIDDLE OF A RUNNING PATH?!
  • I have to plan my day of eating REALLY well and time my water and food according to when I run, whereas in the morning it’s simple… get up and run.
  • I will have to pee. NO question about it.


Despite the cons, it was kind of a nice switch up to run in the afternoon. I can’t say it was super fun to work a full day, run for 2 hours, shower, go shopping for a few hours, and then come home for dinner because that was TIRING, but it was a good day and a great run!

I did 12 miles for my long run this week. I tried not to run too fast (because I was so well-fuelled and felt great) but I ran sub-9 whereas I like to keep my long runs around 9 min/mile. My average pace was 8:48min/mile and it felt awesome.

12 milers

After my long run I stretched, drank water and glutamine, then showered and went dress shopping. I think 70% of my wardrobe is running clothes, and another 25% is about 4 years old, so it was time to do a little shopping. All of the summer clothes are on sale right now so I scooped up some great deals most notably from H&M. Dynamite day.

12 miles

Come back tomorrow for a full recap of my week’s workouts in another Marathon Monday post! I love getting back into double digit runs because I feel SO accomplished when I am knocking those out. I know that as the mileage adds up, I need to focus on the little things like icing, stretching, nutrition, and foam rolling! We’re entering the danger zone! 🙂

What did you do this weekend?

Afternoon long runs or morning?

Have you ever done a long run at night?


  1. I’ve done a long run super early in the morning….so that’s basically at night. I’d much rather do that than in the afternoon. I find it hard to fuel properly for an afternoon run and it always ends up being way too hot.

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