An Unexpected Weekend in Winnipeg.

I will NOT complain about the heat, I will NOT complain about the heat… I think I’ve spent eight months complaining about the cold so I promise to try and refrain from complaining about the heat while training for my marathon. 😉 I have had a week of hot and humid workouts but I am wearing capris and tanks and t-shirts and loving it.

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I knew I would be making a trip to Manitoba this summer, I didn’t exactly know when but I ended up flying on Friday evening after work with my brother and dad. My grandma has been ill for a while and has been in the hospital for about 6 weeks after a few years of battling the progression of dementia. She passed away on Thursday morning so my family and I have made the trip across the prairies to attend her funeral. You know your grandma loved you unconditionally when she put up with these ridiculous hairstyles when you were a kid.

Love you Grandma, we miss your smile (and your baking) already!


While I could write a huge post about my grandma and the legacy she has left behind, I will share that with my family and let this blog be sadness-free and fitness-friendly. 😉 Friday afternoon we flew from Edmonton to Winnipeg on an evening flight. I got my long run done on Friday morning because I knew once I was in Winnipeg I wouldn’t want to slog lots of miles through the humidity and the mosquitoes. It was actually a drop-week for mileage so I did 7 miles at a nice leisurely pace Friday morning. It wasn’t a super “long” run but I deemed it worthy of an iced americano with two pumps of mocha.


Yesterday morning I did my “Friday run” instead and sweated through 4 miles at about 5:30am before it got super hot in Manitoba. We had breakfast plans and I managed to be up, exercised, and ready to go by 7:00am… YES. They were actually speedier than usual with an 8:17 average pace. I must have been trying to outrun the heat.


I’m heading to the closest gym I can find this morning for a strength workout! I love getting all of my runs in before Sunday so I can do a killer strength workout on Sunday! Lots of family time this weekend and I know I’m going to have to burn off a family brunch or two so keeping the sweat and endorphins flowing is my kind of travel itinerary.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’ll be checking in with a Marathon Monday post tomorrow!


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma 🙁
    The heat has been really bad here in FL. It sucks the energy out of training for me but I’m trying to stay focused as much as possible. I did 11 miles yesterday and am supposed to run again tomorrow 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear about your Grandma, Kris! Hugs to you and your family! I suspect that there are many of us who would be quite content to read a post about your Grandma so if somehow the mood strikes you, don’t hesitate!

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