July Goal Recap: My ‘prep’ month.

So July happened.

Just like that it’s time to recap THESE July goals that I boasted about at the start of the month. I considered July a ‘prep’ month for the two major events I have coming up in August. On August 9th I will be participating in the 160km Tour De L’Alberta road cycling tour out of Morinville, AB, and towards the middle of August I will be hiking the West Coast Trail with my dad!


A) Get a 100km+ ride in to have decent mileage under my belt before August 9. 


B) Go hiking in the mountains one weekend to prepare for the West Coast Trail.


That is basically how I would sum up my attempt at those two goals. I knew for sure I would need to get in a long ride on my bike before the Tour so I made that priority. My dad and I set out on a long ride a couple weekends ago and got 103kms in! I felt really good about it and although I was sore and tired, the only part that really hurt was my butt and that happens after 20km so I know I can do 160km. It was a great confidence booster and I feel good about August 9! PLUS the Tour is NOT a race, I repeat dad – NOT a race, so even if we cycle slower than our usual speed, we are going to get it done.


One thing I am really new to is fuelling for long rides on the bike. I have become a little more familiar with how to fuel on the run but cycling is more foreign to me and I know I should have been drinking more water on our long ride than I did and I will have to really pay attention to my fuelling come Tour day.

Now about goal #2…

I didn’t exactly get out to the mountains to go hiking. I didn’t actually get any hiking in. The four weekends this month were swallowed up and before I knew it I realized that goal just wasn’t in the cards this month. Between an family emergency trip to Winnipeg, working, school, long runs and marathon training, and cycle prep for the Tour, there was little time left for hiking (which takes an 8 hour round trip drive to get to the mountains). Oops.


I DID in some ways get my ‘prep’ in for the West Coast Trail as my dad and I sat down to get organized for our trip. We made lists, we went shopping, we did gear checks, I learned how to light our burner, and we figured out more of our day-to-day trip itinerary. I booked my flight home from BC for after the hike and we made hotel arrangements for our drive on the way there. #productivity So while I didn’t get time in the gorgeous mountains which would have been my preference, I did get more prepared for the WCT. I’ll just have to put on my pack and go stair climbing or something to get my body ready for the hike. 😉


I think that about sums up my July goals. It was a busy month and I know August is going to be even busier. I am SOOOOO looking forward to my two weeks off of life where I will be hiking on the West Coast and then hanging out in Vancouver for a week before returning home for the start of the school year! I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you!


  1. Oh wow, August definitely sounds like a busy month for you with lots of cool stuff going on! A friend of mine just hiked the WCT and I think it was the opportunity of a lifetime for her. Have a great time!!

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