Marathon Monday: CMT Week 6.

ICYMI: Chicago Marathon Training Week 5.

Marathon Monday

This week was probably the most out-of-the-ordinary training week yet. I switched days around, I missed a day that I would normally have a workout, I endured a 13-hour drive instead of teaching spin, I ran on the treadmill in the middle of summer, and I did a tough long bike ride. I actually had TWO rest days this week and a total of 22.0 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 3.54.43 PM

Friday: I laid in bed for over an hour listening to the pounding rain and 45 km/h winds, gusting to 65 km/h, and debated waiting to run, running indoors, or just working up the courage to run in the wind and rain. I decided that if I ran outside I would hate it the whole time, and though my badass-ness would be through the roof, I decided to run on the treadmill. 10 miles indoors, which made my hips a little sore, but I got it done nice and easy at 9:07 min/mile.

friday long run

The reason I did my long run on a Friday instead of a Saturday was a looming 100km bike ride I had planned with my dad on Saturday. I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to get my ‘Friday 5 miles’ done before I geared up for a long and hard ride.

Saturday: 5 miles at an 8:52 min/mile pace, followed by oatmeal for breakfast, and then 103km at just over 25km/h. The wind really wrecked our speed and we had kept it about 28 km/h for the first half until we had to head back into the headwind. It was a long run and my butt was so sore at the end but my dad and I pulled it off.


We are preparing for the Tour De L’Alberta 160km ride in August so I made it one of my July goals to get a 100k ride done this month. DONE. After the ride I was so exhausted from spending 5 hours running and riding in the sun and wind so I napped for 20 minutes and headed to work. It’s questionable whether or not I kept my eyes open for my whole work shift. I needed lots of coffee this weekend.

iced coffee

Sunday: ANOTHER rest day? Who am I? Recognizing that I had JUST come back from a stress fracture, and realizing that the 5 hour day of training on Saturday probably put a lot of stress on my body, I used my usual active recovery/rest day as an actual rest day yesterday. I slept in, drank lots of coffee, and enjoyed time in the sun without the whole burn-a-million-calories-train-your-heart-out thing. Smart training  – 1; injuries – 0. 😀


Lesson learned: Train hard; sleep hard. I was SO SO SO exhausted on Saturday night after not sleeping a whole lot on Friday night and sleeping in on Sunday morning was the best decision of my week. I trained so hard on Saturday and slept so hard Saturday night. It was the best.

Do you drink coffee before or after a workout?

Has anyone done a century ride (160km/100miles)?

Best advice for fuelling on the bike?


    1. HAHAHA, I laughed out loud reading your comment… SO TRUE. I really have to time my coffee intake around my workouts 😛

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