Marathon Monday: CMT Week 7.

ICYMI: Chicago Marathon Training Week 6. 

Taking marathon training one week at a time is really making it simple and less terrifying. I feel like I am reaching new “personal distance records” every week because it has been so long since I have done double digit runs!

Marathon Monday

I did my 12 mile run yesterday and it felt GREAT. The endorphins were flowing, my music was rocking, and I was loving it. That post-run feeling can’t be beat. My run topped off a fantastic 22.51 miles of training.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 5.37.17 PM

As you can see, I ditched my usual Wednesday morning run in favour of some time in the pool and some strength training because my foot was SUPER sore and crampy. I think it was a combination of my long bike ride last week, some new-to-me exercise at the trampoline park, and not enough stretching… and while I didn’t feel TERRIBLE on Wednesday I am SO glad I didn’t run and played it smart.

Yesterday I took the day off, as per my schedule and after sleeping in and making apple cinnamon oatmeal pancakes, I went for a short walk to shake out my legs and get some fresh air.

oatmeal pancakes

I headed out into the countryside to enjoy the quiet roads, and then ditched the pavement completed for some gravel and trail walking. I played “Uma Therman” by Fall Out Boy 17 times on repeat and just got some really good thinking time out there. It was heaven.



My dad and I are getting prepared for our hiking adventure along the West Coast Trail. We made our packing lists, got out our camping gear to decide what we needed to replace or purchase, and made our list of meals and food for the week on the trail. In order to make sure the burner we have is still in working form my dad taught me how to light it. I told him the most important lesson I learned was not to confuse my water bottle with the fuel bottle. He didn’t laugh… I swear dad, I wasn’t serious.


While my missed 3 mile run this week made me panic for a second about my preparedness for the Chicago marathon, I thought about the 160km bike ride I have in 2 weeks and then 6-day hike I have in 3 weeks and realized that I have more goals that just the marathon and I want to be healthy and prepared for ALL of them. If that means a missed day of running and an extra lap in the pool, so be it.

Lesson Learned: Being healthy and prepared for family, friends, and life is more important to me than being prepared for one day of 26.2 miles. I am really proud of myself for taking an extra day off “just in case” instead of powering through to get those 3 measly and potentially dream-crushing miles in. 😀

HIKERS –> what do you eat on a multi-day hike?

Latest weekend breakfast?



    We pretty much run the exact same pace. I feel like we would be awesome training buddies!

    Seriously though, so proud of you lady! You’re rocking it!

    1. RIGHT?! I think the same thing when I see your posts and workout recaps. We could have trained together, our races are weeks apart!

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