Siblings that workout together.

My parents have been away for over a week now and my brother and I are rocking some sibling fitness while they are gone. We have had somewhat cohesive work schedules the past few days so we have been able to hang out more which is awesome. This weekend has been no exception. I thought I would give you the low down on my workouts lately!

Thursday: I did 30 minutes of elliptical to warm up for 40 minutes of triceps and back strength training. It was an alright workout, nothing special, and a very odd combination of strength but I felt I had been lacking in those muscle groups so I targeted triceps and back in the same strength session. Thursday night I taught my usual spin class!

Friday: Wednesday and Friday morning runs are always tough because after having taught spin less than 12 hours before, I have to really get my body warmed up and ready to run the next morning. I had a 4-miler on the schedule that went better than expected! After a half mile walk to warm up, I did 4 miles at an 8:29 pace, and then finished with half a mile cool down.

Friday evening my brother and I played tennis! We have never really been tennis people, i.e. we have never taken lessons, gone to tennis camp, played in a league, all that nonsense, but we have racquets that we pull out every once and a while for a game or seven.

tennis pros

We actually had such an awesome time! I had just downed a ton of water before we left so I may or may not have peed in the bush instead of calling it quits and driving home to pee while we were playing. I’m a classy lady. My hair game was stronger than my tennis game but my brother and I decided we needed to whip out our racquets far more often this summer!


Saturday: I started my morning with my weekly long run. I am up to 9 miles on the training schedule so I did a nice easy-paced run at 9:09 min/mile, just before the sun got really warm. I attempted to take a couple of running selfies but I look a) confused b) dying c) angry or d) all of the above in those photos so instead I will show you my dinner the night before to fuel my long run. Another zucchini pizza crust! Recipe coming soon.

zucchini pizza

After enjoying some oatmeal for breakfast, my brother and I headed out for a short bike ride to finish off my double workout. We did a total of 30km at about a 25.4 km/h speed. It was a fairly windy ride but it was nice and warm. No, that’s not a tan… that’s a filter.



After the ride I headed down to the farmer’s market to pick up some rainbow carrots for the week! Once I got there I got a prime parking spot, hustled to the carrots, paid, and left, probably in a matter of minutes. In a crazy busy market I was so surprised with my luck! How could I not stop and grab some of these though?


I grabbed some raspberries on my way out and I have no regrets. They are absolutely incredible! I really enjoyed these past few days of workouts, not only because I got to complete them partially with my brother, but because there was a whole heck of a lot of variety! I was never bored once and I got to cross train in so many ways! I also have a whole new respect for tennis players and their lateral movement abilities. I tripped over myself more than once on the court. 🙂

How was YOUR weekend of workouts?

Any tennis players out there? Do you still play?

Farmer’s market must-buys?


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