Thinking Out Loud Thursday #21!

Considering yesterday was a holiday, it feels like it should be Sunday today. How rude of the week to still be happening and not the weekend. BUT it is Thursday which means Thinking Out Loud Thursday is most definitely happening around this joint, linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons!


  • FIRST THINGS FIRST I’m the realest HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! I love you so much and I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there with you on your birthday. I am incredibly proud of you and I can’t even begin to describe what you mean to me as a parent, a best friend, and a mentor. I hope you have a fantastic day and we will celebrate 51X harder when you get home. XOXO *sending virtual hugs and kisses*


  • I hope everybody had a fantastic Canada Day yesterday, and if you are an American reader, I hope you are planning the BEST festivities for July 4th! I got a nice and hilly 4 miles in yesterday morning before heading off to volunteer at our local Canada Day celebrations. It was HUMID as hell and I was a sweaty mess when I left but I got to hand out about 38974170864 Canada Day stickers to little kidlets.


  • Back pocket volunteering fuel. It got warm and melty in my pocket and it was incredible. It was a good thing I brought this bar to eat because the “snacks and refreshments” they had for volunteers were ham and beef sandwiches, chips, and pop. Ugh.


  • My brother had the day off yesterday, as did I, so we hung out in the afternoon and went to the gym together to do our strength workouts. We both had “leg day” on the agenda. I introduced him to lunges off the bench (back foot on bench) and he introduced me to drop sets of quad extensions. OH LORD. If I can’t walk today I honestly will not be the least bit surprised.


  • Brother and sister cooking their dinners. POP QUIZ: Which pan is mine and which is my brothers?

cooking din

ANSWER: My veggie quesadilla was the so delicious. Corn tortillas with mushrooms, green pepper, red pepper, cheddar cheese, dipped in salsa, with some carrot sticks and hummus on the side. Better than a pan of beef nachos any day. πŸ˜‰


  • We saw San Andreas last night. It was good, but we definitely didn’t need the 3D part. The timing worked out and we could only make the 3D version but if you have the option to watch the regular thing DO IT, it really didn’t add anything! BUT it was a solid movie, super predictable, but stressful and exciting and fun to watch all in one.

san an

  • Instead of posing the question “San Andreas or Jurassic World?” I asked my brother, “Christ Pratt or The Rock?” If I’m going to see a movie in the theatres you can guarantee there is some man candy in it. I suggested Magic Mike XXL first to be honest.


  • Life mottos. I did my hair for the first time in months too, so photo evidence had to happen. I had to actually look for my straightener to curl my hair because I hadn’t used it in so long.



  • At least someone does, amirite?


My workout with my brother made me so much less self-conscious in the gym with a ton of meatheads in there. I loved having him there because it almost felt like he gave me some “gym-cred” because he is a lot stronger than I am. Weird, I know. I need to strength train with him more often because I really push myself when I have someone there to challenge me! Heads up, the next post in my new series, “Strength Training for Runners” is coming tomorrow! GET EXCITED. It features one of my favourite muscles to train!

What is your favourite muscle to train?

What did you do for Canada Day?

Last movie you saw in theatres?


  1. The curls are so cute! Everyone here loves those Quest bars too but I just can’t see it…they taste too sweet and it’s like a “melted” product (?!) to me. Can’t get past it haha. Plus whey irritates me. Wish I could though -it’d be nice to find a pre-packaged bar that’s easy to grab-n-go and has more protein than a LaraBar.

  2. I would have to guess that the pan with all the veggies is yours. πŸ™‚ Doing weight workouts with your siblings at the gym is SO much fun and painful. πŸ˜‰ I don’t live in Canada, but what does Canada Day celebrate? Sorry for my ignorance.

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