Thinking Out Loud Thursday #22!

Can I still claim that my days are messed up from last week’s Canada day? I can’t believe today is Thursday already! This week is somehow flying by! With that in mind, time for another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday. This post is truly all over the place so bear with me, but I guess that’s the point of this link up with Amanda at Running with Spoons!


  • This photo is from last Friday night when my brother and I played tennis but I think it’s hilarious so I had to share it. We both took a break to grab water and check the time. My brother was texting someone back while I whipped out some selfies. Perfect summary of our relationship.


  • Speaking of the lovely Amanda, my family was in love with the greek yogurt banana bread recipe I made from her blog! I drool over everything she bakes so I wasn’t surprised it was a hit. I only made it out with two pieces and the rest disappeared extremely fast! Now, I don’t want Amanda’s feelings to get hurt here, but take a wild guess at whose food photography is whose. 😉 I really need to step up my game.

compare bb

  • OBSESSED with this song. It’s been stuck in my head for a week.

  • At the suggestion of one of my friends, I heated up the chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar instead of eating it normally. Life changer. If you really like eating cookie dough from the bowl this tastes EXACTLY like it. So gooey and delicious. Pre-spin fuel that rocked my socks on Tuesday.

quest heat up

  • I learn so much on my long runs in the country. #Albertalife


  • I had a run date yesterday morning and it was super fun. I told my brother I was meeting someone to run and he didn’t think it was going to go so well.


It was super awesome to run with someone and we did almost 6 miles together, talking the whole time which made the run go by incredibly fast. I walked to where we met up and then walked home after the run, giving me a total of over 10 miles for the day. I skipped out on my normal leg strength workout to give my legs some rest from the extra mileage.

selfie run date

  • As seen on my walk. I really wish I liked yard work. I want to like it, I really do, but my gardening intentions last for like two days and then when it’s 30 degrees and I have to water everything every day and make sure it’s in the right position and surviving the sun, I bail… I’m going to make a great mother some day.


  • Farmers market carrots are just incredible. I had some on the side of my salad yesterday but they are even better roasted or dipped in hummus. YUM.


  • At work a customer asked me if I had a phone book because they needed to look up a phone number for a business. Ummm…

google it

I hope everyone’s week is going just as fast as mine is! I spent five hours inside creating an info graphic yesterday and I stepped outside for a second and realized that it was actually SO HOT out. In my little air-conditioned bubble I was missing out on getting some more awkward tan lines!! 😉

What is one word you would use to describe your relationship with your sibling(s)?

Song that is stuck in your head at the moment?


  1. 😆 I didn’t even know that they still made phonebooks. That’s just crazy talk. And I’m with you on the gardening… I can appreciate a nice one, but when it comes to actually taking care of one? Errr yeah. Not so good at that. I keep cactuses because they’re not as easy to kill 😆

  2. Hahahaha a phonebook?! Omg I forgot about those things. I’m always so confused when I see pay phones, too. Like WHY?

    Have you tried the s’mores questie yet? It’s my favorite flavour, for sure. It has lots of chocolate chunks like cookie dough, but without the weird/fake taste.

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