Thinking Out Loud Thursday #23!

In this week’s edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons we have Tyler Seguin, my latest race registration, and a running club I really need to join. Keep reading, it gets good moderately average. Last Thursday was a really terrible day so let’s hope this Thursday is much much better!


  • Last Thursday, in addition to finding out my grandma has passed away, I spent two and a half hours at a walk in clinic with a weird rash on my right butt cheek. I found out I had shingles… at the ripe old age of 22. I also found out that shingles medication is hella expensive. It was a painful few days but it has pretty much healed up now and feels a lot better. I had far too many relatives ask how my butt was when I was in Winnipeg this past weekend.


  • Last year I ran so many more races than I have this year! While my main focus is Chicago in October, I hadn’t registered for anything in the summer except for a bike tour, so I decided to add another event to my schedule – the Canmore Half Marathon on September 13th! I am suppose to run a 20-mile CMT run on that day so I might run 7 miles before the half and take it easy during the actual race to finish my training run… I haven’t decided whether this is a good idea or a terrible one. I’m excited though and there are a few other Alberta bloggers running so if anyone wants to join register HERE!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 5.28.34 PM


  • My paces are finally closer to where they were pre-injury. I knocked out a short and sweet 3-miler yesterday and after sitting in the car for 13 hours I was a little worried my legs would be super stiff and not wanting to run fast so I barely looked at my Garmin. When I got home my average pace read 8:09 and I couldn’t believe it!
  • My brother and I spend far too much time figuring out what the newest slang means. Is this what it’s like to be old? I tried using the word “fleek” for like a day and gave up on it. My cousins, who are 12 and 14, are coming to visit so I need to work on my hip vocabulary.


  • And now my life is complete.


  • I NEED to join this running club. A Harry Potter Running Club! Runners World did an article about them and I half thought they were kidding but no, it’s a real thing. They have virtual races and everything! Sign me up!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.42.41 PM


  • The quads and hamstrings edition of the Strength Training for Runners series is coming to you bright and early tomorrow morning. It’s a bit of a can’t-walk-the-next-day kind of workout so if you are planning to try the moves in this one, give yourself a day before you attempt a run.

strength training for runners

  • I love writing my Marathon Monday training recaps because it really helps me reflect on my week of workouts, how I felt, and where I’m going in terms of goals. If you want to check out another fabulous blogger who is also training for the Chicago Marathon, head over to see Heather at Girl Goes Running! She’s a speedy and dedicated runner!

Are any other readers out there training for the Chicago Marathon?

Who else is running Canmore?! We are most likely going to be doing a meet-up so closer to the date I’ll post details!

Have you ever been part of a run club?


  1. Eek! Shingles are the worse. I had them as a kid and wouldn’t wish them on anyone. I hope your butts’ doing better now. ;>

  2. I’m completely lost when it comes to slang these days. I used to make fun of my parents for being so out of the loop, and now the same thing is happening to me. Eesh. I mean… it only took me months and months of confusion to figure out what the heck “bae” was. And I -still- can’t figure out why bae instead of baby. Like… wtf?

  3. I must be so old but what does fleek mean? Yes I could google it, but I’m not going too.

    I probably would do the remaining miles after the race (unless the race is an evening race). Just in case the course is not what you expected.

  4. Despite the hills, I really loved Canmore last year! It’s gorgeous!

    I have to do 16 miles that weekend so maybe I’ll sign up and get a few miles in before the race too… hmm… now you have me thinking about it! 😛

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