Thinking Out Loud Thursday #24!

Well, hello there lovely people. Another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday is here and I think bloggers in general agree that Thursdays are kind of the best simply because we can talk about whatever the heck we want, in no particular order, vent or inform, comment or critique, and we have a chance to link up with Amanda at Running with Spoons to do it! I love it!


  • We went trampolining again yesterday, my cousins, brother, and I. There were a few more people there this time so it wasn’t as fun because we had to wait to use a lot of areas of the trampolines, but it was still awesome. My lower abs were SO SORE from the first day of jumping on Monday AND I did an ab workout before we went, so I couldn’t laugh for the rest of the day because of how much they hurt.


  • A lot of the little children at the trampoline park decided they really wanted to hang out with us and despite how petite my family is (HAHAHA), we have a surprisingly strong bounce and a really hard throw in dodgeball, so we erred on the side of caution and usually just tried to avoid other people nearby. One little girl was determined to try and play with us.


  • In addition to getting my Umoro water bottle/shaker in the mail yesterday, I also got my Alphalete order. I ordered a pair of shorts and a shirt to rock out during a lifting session at the gym. My brother got me started watching Christian Guzman’s fitness videos online and now I’m hooked. In case you are interested in the apparel, you can find it here. It is the softest workout shirt ever and I felt determined to give it a good workout yesterday!

alphalete atheltics

  • Speaking of workouts, I took yesterday off of running despite having 3 miles to do on my training schedule. Ever since the 103km ride on Saturday, my calves (and consequently my feet) have been ridiculously tight. They were a little painful and crackly on Monday and Tuesday so I rested them up yesterday (and took it SUPER easy at the trampoline park) and went for a swim instead! Does anyone else feel their tight calf muscles in their feet or just me?
  • My relatives wanted to go to West Edmonton Mall yesterday so after lunch we headed to that crazy mess of a place. I think everyone else in Edmonton and surrounding area had the same idea. I needed some shopping fuel in the best way possible – an Americano with one pump of mocha!


  • Despite the fact that I ate a decent lunch, as we wandered the mall longer and longer I got more and more hungry. I forgot to throw a snack in my bag and didn’t really think about how long we’d be gone but man, I was pretty hangry by the time I got home.


  • This dinner did the trick. YUM. Iceberg lettuce, yellow pepper, tomatoes, salsa, and refried beans (canned), then I added cooked onion, shredded zucchini and tempeh seasoned with taco seasoning, and topped the “taco salad” with plain greek yogurt and guacamole. SO GOOD.

taco salad

  • As I type this I realize how desperately I need to paint my finger and toe nails. This is usually higher in my priority list during the summer but somehow I just haven’t kept up. Every time I think of it I have something to do within the next 30 minutes and can’t sit still and let them dry… or I know I’ll have to pee in the next hour and that can’t be done with wet nails!


That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. I am sad to see my relatives go today, but so so so thankful to see my bed again after a few too many nights on an air mattress that really doesn’t like keeping all of its air. 😉 I am incredibly jealous because before the family heads back to Manitoba they are headed to Banff and Lake Louise! Lucky bums.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Do you like to shop or are you an in-and-out speedy shopper like me?

Finger nails painted, toe nails, or both?

What was your last workout? Did you kill it?!


  1. I never paint my fingernails, only my toes. I can’t stand when I have chipped polish on my fingers, which is usually by the next day, so I don’t both.

    I don’t like to shop when it’s super busy. Crowds drive me crazy. I’m usually in and out but every once in awhile, it’s nice to browse and take time.

    Last workout was the Lower Fix from 21 Day Fix. Holy booty burn!

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