WIAW: Road Trip Edition.

Yesterday my family and I traveled by car from Winnipeg, Manitoba back home to St. Albert, Alberta… a total of 1377km. It took us 13 hours, 6 pee stops, and 3 drivers (plus a couple of backseat drivers) to get home and it was an incredibly long day, but we did it! We saw a LOT of canola… prairie life amirite?


I thought it would be neat to do a road trip edition of What I Ate Wednesday (and I had a bit of time on my hands to kill by taking photos of my food), so this week you’ll see everything I ate while driving 13 hours through the Canadian prairies. Instead of showing you times… I’ll show you where I ate them!


We left Winnipeg nice and early around 6:30am. I made my breakfast to go and ate it down the road a little bit when I was more ready to think about food.

Sidney, MB – 137km in. Loaded oats with peanut butter. I put the peanut butter on when the oats were nice and hot so it melted and dribbled over the oats. IT WAS DELICIOUS. It is actually only about 1.5 tablespoons of peanut butter but because it was hot it looked and tasted like a lot more!


Brandon, MB – 203km in. COFFEE.

Dundurn, SK – 776km in. We stopped at Subway for lunch so I got a Veggie Delite chopped salad with added avocado. I also had a little container of cottage cheese in our cooler to add some protein to my salad. I love the fat free sweet onion dressing so I got it on the side, then drizzled some onto my salad and used the rest for cucumber dip! They put the salad dressing cup in the Subway bag… it wasn’t a cookie. 😉



Ruddell, SK – 871 km in. The reason I had to pee so much. 85% of the family road trip pee breaks are because of me.


The Battlefords, SK – 907km in. We brought some food in a cooler for the car so I had greek yogurt mixed with a scoop of chocolate protein powder. All of the cool kids pack protein powder in their suitcase. A great dose of protein to get me through the last few hours of driving.


St. Albert, AB – 1377km down. Finally home and starving, so I had a big plate of tofu, scrambled egg whites with zucchini and mushrooms and cheese, and refried beans with salsa. It was delicious and filled me right up!


I don’t know how traveling is so tiring but I was zonked when I got home! I rearranged my training schedule these past couple of days to move my Sunday rest day to Tuesday so I could use the road trip day as my rest day. According to my phone I walked a total of 313 steps so I think some rest was accomplished. 😛

What do you like to eat on a road trip?

Where do you stop for meals – at restaurants? Fast food? A car cooler?

Favourite drive you like to take?


  1. Great eats! You did really good while you were on the road. I take so many road trips, I’m not sure what is my favorite…I do enjoy going with my family to the beach in the summer times. That’s always a pretty drive. I tend to eat out a lot when I’m on road trips {usually it’s several days worth} but try and bring healthy snacks and when I do eat out try and get lean proteins and salads…Try not to eat a ton of carbs and sugars!

    1. Love it! That’s awesome! It’s so hard to pack for DAYS of food, but making healthy choices is just as wonderful!

  2. I cannot imagine being in a car traveling across the prairies for that long. I would’ve drugged myself with melatonin or something – hahaha.

    Wait – you went to Subway and DIDN’T get a macadamia white choc cookie?!?! OMG

    I love any drive through the mountains! 🙂

    I usually pack veggies & hummus and protein bars for road trips. Speaking of which, I need to prep a bunch of travel-friendly meals and snacks for my upcoming camping trips.

    1. Mmmm veggies and hummus… my FAVE. I don’t know that I have had the white choc cookie at Subway?!?! I feel like I’m missing out now!!

  3. I always love when I find new “loaded oats” type of recipes. It’s fun to see what others add to make them full of protein & bulk. I used to add flaxseed to my omelets all the time, but never though to add to oatmeal. Thanks for that idea. Glad you & your family made it home safe & sound. 🙂

  4. That’s a long drive! Good for you for packing such healthy snacks. I always like to pack snacks (necessary when travelling with a toddler) and then we’ll usually stop every 2-3 hours for a bathroom/food break.

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