WIAW: School and spin.

BOOM. Back with another What I Ate Wednesday post. You are getting my eats from yesterday, Tuesday, the day where I typically go to school for the majority of the day, and then teach spin at night. It was a pretty typical day of eating for me, lots of snacky foods, and a serious conscious effort to include protein throughout my day.


AM Workout – 40 minutes on the stepper machine at the gym, followed by 50 minutes of upper body strength training. I tied my bench press PR so I left the gym smiling!

Breakfast – Smoked tofu, egg whites (seasoned with dill, garlic powder, and paprika) with parmesan cheese, and raspberries.


Snack – Nonfat plain greek yogurt with a scoop of chocolate whey protein. Mmmm.


Lunch – Veggies and hummus, a hickory smoked soy jerky stick, and pretzel chips. Basically a snack plate but I had to make it in Tupperware to eat at school!


Snack – The most delicious and perfectly ripe nectarine and a cookies and cream Quest bar.



PM Workout – Teaching a 60 minute spin class!

Post-Workout – Glutamine in my Umoro shaker bottle.


Dinner – or dessert I guess. Blueberry ‘nice cream’ made with frozen blueberries, nonfat milk, chocolate protein powder, and cocoa powder. SO GOOD. Perfect way to finish off my macros.


Definitely a typical day of eats for me, albeit I don’t usually have two scoops of protein powder AND a quest bar during one day. I am working hard to strength train and I have noticed significant differences in how I feel when I meet my protein targets so sometimes on the go I fall to a bar for help! It was certainly a delicious day of eats!

Do you make your own bars or do you have a favourite store bought one?

What is your at-the-moment favourite fruit?


  1. Cherries are my absolute favourite.

    Let’s face it, I’m too lazy to even attempt to make my own protein bars, so I’ll buy them 🙂 But I don’t consider them a staple, either. Just a fill-in-the-blank treat. (Unlike that year wherein I thought one protein bar was a reasonable dinner).

    1. Haha, true story. I’ve made granola bars before and they’ve always been reeeeeally good but that means when I turn around to have one the next day they are gone in my house!

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