WIAW: You’ve seen it before.

Another round of What I Ate Wednesday, and I am pretty sure you have seen all of these eats before but they are just things I eat a lot so it’s bound to happen! I had kind of an “off” workout day with a sore calf and crackling feet (reminding me of my stress fracture symptoms) so I took it easy and was stressed the entire day about it… which is basically the least helpful thing to do for myself. We’ll see how things are feeling the rest of the week but cross your fingers it was just sore trampoline muscles!


Breakfast: Mushroom and parmesan omelette with refried beans and salsa. A side of coffee and emails.


Snack: Greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder. Such a huge hit of protein and it tastes like chocolate mousse. Can’t stop won’t stop this snack combo. Oh, and yes, obviously I forgot to take photographic evidence before I ate it.


Lunch: A snack plate without the plate. I was at school all day so I packed up some popped Wheat thins (which are amazing by the way), cheddar cheese, cucumber slices, and carrot sticks. I reuse my cracker and carrot bags more often than not so don’t panic.


Snack/Dinner/Pre-Spin: I don’t know what this meal is but I do know it’s friggin delicious. Chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar and raspberries.


Post-Spin: MY NEW UMORO SHAKER with glutamine. Check out THIS post for more on why I take glutamine after an evening of teaching spin!


BOOM. Check out the video for how to use this shaker HERE… it’s incredible.


Second dinner/bedtime snack: A bowl of cookies and cream banana protein ‘nice cream’ topped with peanut butter, eaten while sitting on my deck watching my family play crib.


There we have it, another day of double workout eats. It was a very quiet spin class, probably mostly due to the One Direction concert happening in town last night, but we worked hard and got our sweat on. ‘Uma Therman’ by Fall Out Boy was my favourite song of the night!

What was the last concert you went to?

Favourite way to get your protein intake lately?

Best meal you had yesterday?


  1. I have banana nice cream for dinner at least once a week – it’s so good! I’m not very hungry in the evenings (even after working out – weird, I know) and it’s perfect for summer too!

    I get most of my protein from greek yogurt and *GOOD* whey protein. I know protein powders aren’t ideal, but I honestly feel great from using them in my smoothies/oatmeal. My stomach just doesn’t like digesting a lot of meat.

    1. Samesies. Whey protein really helps me and I feel fantastic eating it. Love banana nice cream for dinner! The summer heat makes “cooking” a lot less appealing in the evenings.

  2. I’m a creature of habit and always eat the same stuff – which is why I NEVER post WIAW posts because they would be way too boring lol.

    Last concert I went to was Ed Sheeran.
    I prefer to get my protein in basic form: chicken, fish, eggs, etc. I try not to rely on protein powder unless I’m in a crunch.
    Best meal I had yesterday was probably my snack of fresh market peaches, blueberries and almonds.

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