WIAW: Zucchini Pizza Crust Recipe!

It’s no secret I love zucchini. I went grocery shopping with my dad on the weekend and I loaded the cart up with 5 huge zucchinis and he was like, “So, are you buying for 27 people orrrr?” I have eaten one a day almost every day for the past couple of weeks! They are just so delicious, easy to cook in a variety of ways, low calorie, and super filling! I thought instead of sharing my usual eats this week, I would share the recipe for something I have been dining on lately… ZUCCHINI PIZZA CRUST! Another round of WIAW!


I shredded and stir-fried some zucchini with my egg whites yesterday morning, I love it in a tofu stir-fry, it is great grilled, and now my new favourite – zucchini pizza crust. I love that this recipe requires simple ingredients and really doesn’t take that much effort to make! I use one medium zucchini for a single-serve pizza which shreds into about a cup to a cup and a half.

zucchini crust recipe

Once you’ve shredded the zucchini, using paper towel or a clean dish towel, wring out the excess water from the shredded zucchini. It’s this tiny bit of effort that will make or break your crust and prevent it from getting soggy. Once you have the majority of the water drained out, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Press onto a parchment paper-lined pizza pan. A single serve pizza will not cover the entire pizza pan. The crust should “stay together” but don’t worry if it doesn’t feel anything like a dough consistency.

zucchini crust before

Bake at 375F for 10 minutes. Take out and flip onto a new sheet of parchment. I found this was the best way to flip the crust. Slide off of the pan, line the pan with a new sheet, and flip crust onto the new sheet to bake on the other side. Put the crust back in the oven for 10 minutes. At this time you can prepare your toppings. I tried putting smoked garlic pepper tofu on it and HOLY MOTHER it was good. I also like mushrooms, green peppers, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and of course, a bit more cheese. Once you have baked the crust on the second side, take it out of the oven, load with toppings, and put back in the oven for 8-10 more minutes, or until your cheese is melted.

cooked zuc pizza

VOILA! The crust stays together so nicely with those two key steps (1. Wring water out of zucchini and 2. Bake on both sides). You should be able to slice it up exactly like a pizza and even eat it with your hands because it stays together so well! If you wanted to try a gluten-free version, an oat flour would work nicely. A variety of cheeses can replace the mozzarella in the crust as I have tried a mix of mozza and asiago and it was fabulous!

zucchini pizza crust

While zucchini is probably my favourite, I also have a thing for cauliflower which you could use instead of zucchini. Same recipe applies, using 1-1.5 cups of shredded steamed cauliflower. Remember to wring the water out of the steamed cauliflower for best results! In case you wanted to know the macros on this zucchini crust: 206 calories, 18 carbs, 7 fat, 16 protein. My toppings brought the pizza to a very filling 390 calories with a whole bunch of protein from the tofu!


Deeeeeeliicous! I absolutely love pizza (who doesn’t?) and this crust is as tasty as it is healthy!

Favourite pizza toppings?

If you go out for pizza or order in, where do you go?

What did YOU eat today?


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