Leading up to the century ride.

This weekend I have been taking it SUPER easy leading up to the 160km (100mile) bike ride that is happening THIS MORNING. I didn’t do my long run this week because I think 6+ hours on the bike today will be enough to put my body through without the scheduled 12 mile run I was suppose to do yesterday. On Friday, I woke up with my calf feeling good so I set out on my scheduled 4 miler.

early morning run

I did it super early because I worked all day and it was going to be too hot after work to run! I wore my compression socks to see if they kept my calf in check and I think it helped a little bit. If anything it put my mind at ease having some stability in my lower legs. I took it easy with the pace and just ran based on feel. After work on Friday I lifted weights for just less than an hour at the gym!

friday run

On Friday my brother made protein cheesecake for dessert! It was “grainier” than a regular cheesecake, because obviously it’s not going to taste like the sugary fatty carboloaded normal cheesecake, but I thought it was delicious! We added a bit of low-cal whipped topping and chocolate syrup and it was a great dessert!

protein cheesecake

Yesterday I had an opening shift at my job and I took the rest of the day off of exercise to rest up for today. I ditched my 12-miler for the bike ride today. This marathon cycle has definitely made me more flexible with training and has taught me a lot about gauging stress on my body, not just from running but from teaching spin, cycling, and lifting weights. My mom pointed out that many training schedules that I do are built for running and only running and don’t take into account all of the other activity I do.

It has been all about getting organized for the West Coast Trail at my house. If you can believe it, my dad is even more OCD about his food and always having snacks and such on hand than me. I KNOW. I didn’t stand a chance. We plan to eat a lot of oatmeal, Clif bars, and dark chocolate by the looks of things.


Last night was nice and chill. I bought compression sleeves to wear on the ride today just to give my lower legs a bit of support. If it gets too hot I will just take them off but I am just super paranoid about any sort of soreness or stiffness or pain… and obviously want to make a fashion statement at the ride. I carboloaded on quinoa, feta, and loads of vegetables for dinner while watching Friends.

veggie fuel

Great job on the steam-filled photo, Kris. If I wanted a steamy photo it would be this one…


The great thing about today’s century ride is that it’s a “tour” and not a “race.” I think I would be a heck of a lot more nervous if I knew I was racing for time but because it’s suppose to be a leisurely tour of the French towns in central Alberta I am equally nervous and excited. It’s suppose to be a beautiful day today and I will be back tomorrow with a recap of my week of workouts, including today’s *hopefully* successful ride!

Have you ever done a century ride?

What is the longest distance you’ve biked?

Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? Ey-oh!


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