Marathon Monday: CMT Week 10 & Day on the Road.

In marathon training I think I’ll be able to better count the weeks training went according to plan rather than the weeks that didn’t because the weeks that didn’t are adding up quickly! I had a good week of workouts but most were focused on strength and preparing for my hike rather than the marathon!

Marathon Monday

In order to be in the best health and restfulness possible, I took most of this training week off of running. My shins were acting up with common signs of shin splints and in order to stay healthy for my hike, I didn’t do this week’s long run! I got some solid workouts in though. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 7.43.59 PM

Yesterday I went for a lovely crisp and cool morning walk before hitting the road to Kamloops, BC on the way to Vancouver Island. It was a mere 8 degrees Celsius when I hit the streets so it was perfectly cool and great for a clear-your-mind and stretch-your-legs kind of walk. Plus, the sun rose as I was walking and you really can’t love these moments any more. Yes, this is 0.34 miles from my doorstep.


We hit the road at 8:08am, but after the necessary Starbucks stop, we got onto the highway around 8:20am. The drive is pretty beautiful, even before you hit the mountains, so four hours easily passed and we made it to Jasper for lunch. I stopped at Coco’s Cafe and grabbed a tofu veggie wrap for lunch and it was SO GOOD.


We spent a little bit wandering around Jasper and popping in and out of shops before we jumped back in the car and continued on to Kamloops. I am normally the pee-er in the group on a road trip and I was so proud of myself for only having to ask for 3 bathroom breaks the entire 8.5 hours. It’s an improvement I swear.

road trip

How can you not love this view? Each lake is such a beautiful shade of turquoise!


Once we made it to Kamloops we checked into our hotel and headed to Pub on the Rocks for dinner. My mom and I both got lettuce wraps for dinner and they were delicious! We munched on popcorn and watched baseball highlights in our hotel room the rest of the night… living it up fer realz. 😉


This morning we are headed to Vancouver to catch the ferry to Victoria! Only two more sleeps until we hit the trail!

Where was the last place you ate out for dinner?

Favourite thing to do when travelling to BC?

Marathon runners – have your marathon training plans ever gone as planned?