Thinking Out Loud Thursday #27!

I am starting to regret wishing for this summer to go by quickly. At the beginning of summer it felt like my two weeks of vacation were never going to get here but now that they are just around the corner I am realizing how quickly summer is drawing to a close and I will be back in classes at school and going five days a week to campus. Yikes! This week is another one that has flown by but I am excited to leave for BC in three sleeps! I’m almost not paying attention to anything happening around me right now because I’m just so ready for my summer vacation!


Let’s take a walk through my mind this week by linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • I just have to mention how STOKED I am to be hiking the West Coast Trail next week. My dad and I have been putting things together and getting organized for our trip but it still isn’t ‘real’ yet and probably won’t be until we’re loading up our gear at the trailhead. It’s going to be the experience of a lifetime and I am so ready to escape the city and the screen time and life for a second. Just a heads up – I won’t be blogging during that time, nor will I have guest posts so there is going to be a solid 5-6 days without a post from your favourite blogger. 🙂


  • The Hall of Fame NFL game took place on Sunday and it made me incredibly happy. NFL season is almost here guys, GET EXCITED. #GoGiantsGo


  • WHY IS THIS RECOMMENDED FOR ME? I also just now am asking myself why I didn’t just take a screen shot of my computer screen and instead used my iPhone to take this photo. Dear god I must have been tired.


  • Yesterday I was in an apple and pear mood. I’ve been eating berries and peaches and all of that deliciousness for a while now so I was just craving an apple yesterday, a really sour apple. Moments after I snapped a photo of this delicious sparkling water, I proceeded to open it and spill it all over my desk, my phone, and my keyboard.

pear water

  • I have a BBQ to attend tomorrow night with the best coworkers ever and I am bringing a salad to the potluck. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s THIS salad. My mom has made it at least three times this summer and it is AMAZING. It’s super filling too because it has quinoa, avocado, and pecans!


  • I’m reading “Evolution” by Joe Manganiello right now and it’s pretty good so far. It’s very motivating and just makes you want to workout! It’s a little narcissistic, but I write a blog about myself so looks who’s talking. He really tells it like it is and wants to inspire people to push their limits and achieve exactly what they want.


It also has a 17-page photo spread in the middle of the book soooo… yeah.


  • As for my recovery from the 166km cycling adventure that took place on Sunday, I feel pretty good. Again, my right calf/shin is a little achy still and though I’ve never had shin splints in my life that might be what I’m experiencing? I ran 6 miles yesterday with a friend and we took the pace fairly easy, no aggressive hills or anything, but we stopped for a pit stop halfway through and when we went to start running again, that is when I REALLY felt my shin. Hm… at least my hair was on fleek.

sweaty selfie

  • Another summer tan line update for you… that bike ride really just sealed the deal on these  fantastic lines. I also have a gorgeous Garmin tan and my cycling jersey started a golden farmer’s tan on my arms. Get in line boys.

tan lines

The countdown is on until I leave for BC! I will be blogging all the way up until I hit the trail and then you will likely get an immediate photo dump once we finish the trail! I am spending a week in Vancouver after the trail and before school starts so there is lots of fun stuff that you’ll get to see when I’m there!

Any overnight hiking tips/tricks I should know?

Have you had shin splints? How would I know if I had them? 

What book are you reading?


  1. Ah yes, the cycling tan line. I have one of those, plus another runner shorts tan line on my legs. Most of my cycling has been in warm weather so I’ve been able to get away with wearing tri tops on the bike but I have a rather ridiculous racer back tan line. I put plenty of SPF on but it still happens anyway!

    Happy Thursday!

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