Vacation Recap – What I did in Vancouver!

Besides writing a ridiculously long recap of the West Coast Trail, I did some other cool stuff while in Vancouver after the hike! I was fortunate enough to have a week off of work after the WCT and before I start the fall semester at school. My parents dropped me off at my friend James’ apartment in downtown Vancouver and we got up to some fun things around the city!


  • Outdoor movie at Stanley Park. Okay, the movie (Tomorrowland) wasn’t the greatest, but it was a neat experience to watch a movie outdoors in a park with hundreds of people! We brought veggies and sandwiches and ate dinner on our picnic blanket!

outdoor movie

  • Granville Island. aka one of my favourite places on the planet. It is so cute and there are lots of neat stores to shop in and really awesome places to eat. We had lunch on a patio here, wandered around the market, and then ate gelato walking back along the SeaWall.


  • Attended a WhiteCaps game. I played soccer for 16 years but I don’t think I’ve ever attended a professional soccer game and it was SO COOL. There is a whole realm of passionate fans I had never really been exposed to before and it was a really fun event! Little beknownst to us, it was the Amway Canadian Championship game and the Whitecaps won against Montreal so there was a trophy ceremony after the game!


  • Went to Playland, the amusement park at the PNE. We went on the “buy one get one” ride pass day… as did everyone else in Vancouver and surrounding area. It was super hot and super busy and I think in the 6 hours we were there we got to go on 5 rides because the lines were ridiculous. The rides we did go on were fun… but I don’t know if there were hot-sweaty-line-up-worth-it fun.


  • Went for a couple of runs in the sun along the SeaWall. I did an out-and-back route from James’ apartment because getting lost wasn’t on my agenda. On Thursday I ran just over 5 miles, with minimal shin pain, and was super excited to have such an awesome scenery. Yesterday I ran just over 10 miles with absolutely no shin pain and it was amazing.


  • Tried Pure Bread, a delicious bakery just down the street from James’ place. The staff offered us a few samples so we got to try a bunch of things before I finally settles on trying the buckwheat sour cherry scone and an Americano. We walked along the water eating our treats before heading into pre-booked therapeutic massages.


  • Got a pedicure at Tranquility Organic Spa. The aesthetician was shocked at how battered and bruised my legs were and she was a little worried about hurting them more during the leg massage but I told her to just go for it. I had the chocolate vanilla pedicure and it was delightful. 75 minutes of pure bliss. Or course, I had my nails painted purple.


  • Drank lots of coffee, tried a few different beers, and enjoyed a bunch of different restaurants in downtown Vancouver. I really took Vancouver as my vacation time. Stress free enjoyment of food, fun, and friends. 🙂


I am back in Alberta and I will be updating my Chicago Marathon training schedule tomorrow during Marathon Monday! I am excited to get back into routine… not so excited to go back to school!

Last vacation you took?

Relaxing beach vacation or exciting active adventure?


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