WCT – Getting to the island.

Yesterday I was reminded of how much I loved Vancouver Island, simply by seeing it. For those Canadians that haven’t made the venture west, boarded a ferry, and headed to Vancouver Island, it’s a must-do. Just seeing the ocean made me smile.


Yesterday (Monday) we packed up in Kamloops and hit the road, headed to the ferries in Vancouver. I got in a solid workout in the hotel gym before we left. 5 minutes on the squeaky elliptical, 5 minutes on 15% incline walk on the treadmill, and repeat 5 times for a total of 50 minutes of cardio. I was dripping and really happy with what I accomplished in such a tiny hotel fitness centre.


We had a continental breakfast and I dined on plenty of scrambled eggs, a strawberry greek yogurt, and skim milk. Obviously I needed a soy americano misto for the road (<- just so my dad can comment on how ill-prepared I am for this hiking experience) so we stopped at Starbucks before heading to Vancouver. NO PEE BREAKS PEOPLE. Three hours without one. Nailed it.

At the ferry I bought a salad from a make-your-own-salad bar for lunch. It was incredible – all of my favourite things in one salad with a punch of protein from spicy tofu and cottage cheese!! I love salad bars, but unfortunately my wallet does not.


We just missed the 11:00am ferry and made the noon ferry to Victoria. It was a gorgeous day for the trip across the strait and there was plenty of action on the water from sailboats to kayaks to other ferries passing. Apparently you can lose your sea-legs when you move to Alberta because all of us felt a little queasy on the water! Nothing a little fresh air and selfies can’t fix.



When we checked into our hotel (which is GORGEOUS and central and amazing by the way -> Parkside Hotel and Spa) we dropped our bags and headed out to wander around the harbour. The downtown harbour in Victoria is one of my mom’s favourite places, it is so beautiful. We wandered around for a few hours and then I met my friends for dinner at Glo. Another recommendation because it was on the water, super cute, and had delicious food. It was really great to catch up with my girlfriends and one of them is actually moving to Edmonton in a couple of weeks – YAY!!!


Today we are heading to Port Renfrew to attend our West Coast Trail orientation, then we’ll be spending the night at the trailhead in order to get a good start tomorrow morning. I go through extreme waves of emotions heading into the hike, mostly alternating between nerves and excitement. I am ready to embrace the experience, whatever it may bring. 🙂


  1. Mrs. Murray is 100% right. Victoria, and especially the inner harbour, is pretty much about the best place on earth.

  2. Hey Kris

    Hope you guys have good weather. Beautiful pics of the ferry crossing. Nice and sunny.
    I hope that continues for you. Have fun!

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