What they don’t tell you when you start a blog.

First an update on my workouts lately…

On Wednesday, I met my brother at the gym after work for some leg day strength training. I woke up Thursday morning with SORE glutes and hamstrings so I must have done something right. I forced Stuart to do glute bridges for what felt like hours and it’s safe to say – they worked. My Thursday strength training session was equally as boss. I did shoulders and arms and it burned so good, I had lactic acid coursing through my arms for a while!

My workouts are going to be questionable the next couple of days as I want to be fresh for Sunday. I will be cycling 160km, which is no easy feat for me, and I don’t want to put too much stress on my body by trying to keep up with marathon training AND cycling AND being ready to go hiking just 10 days later. This week is a drop week for mileage but I will likely drop it even more to where I feel good heading into Sunday. I also still have something weird going on in my right calf and I don’t want it to turn into anything bigger than it needs to be (feels like a strained muscle at the moment). Yay for being a smart runner?

nerd alert

NOW, to the main topic of this post. Thank you so much for commenting yesterday on my Two-Year Blogiversary post! For those who have read from day one (hi mom), thanks so much for supporting me through this entire blogging journey!

I started this blog because I had been reading fitness blogs for a while and figured I had enough sarcasm, mileage, and ability to use a camera to get my own space on the internet. I truly love doing this and I have grown so much as a person simply by incorporating blogging into my daily life. There were a lot of things I expected to happen when I started blogging, and a lot of things that I didn’t expect.

Here are a few things I wish they had told me when I started a blog. 

1. It takes a lot of work to be a “big time” blogger. There is a reason that bloggers who are “big time” bloggers don’t actually have a job other than to blog. There is so much more to typing and pressing ‘post.’ I don’t think being a “big time” blogger is ever in my future because I do this as a hobby and a passion, but I know if I were to do it, it would have to be my entire life!


2. It takes A LOT of time. I mentioned this yesterday but I didn’t realize how much time I would actually spend on this blog when I first started. I absolutely love it 99% of the time and that obviously makes it completely worth it but man alive, the hours I’ve spent on this website are crazy!


3. In relation to #1, you won’t really make a lot of money unless you ARE a big time blogger. While I do spend a lot of time on this blog, I could definitely spend more time on it to increase my traffic, increase my following, and potentially make money through this blog. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with various companies who have sponsored posts and content on this blog but if you were to really calculate it, I have made about $0.00001/hour running this blog.

Jimmy fallonn

4. Self-promotion is crucial. If you want people to read your blog, you actually have to tell people about your blog. I know, mind-blowing stuff right here. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I am a fairly confident person, but having to tell people to go look at my sweaty selfies and workout commentaries online still makes me uncomfortable. I rarely post my blog on my personal facebook page simply because I don’t want to be “that chick.”


5. Get familiar with social media. I love social media! I like following the Instagram account “Men & Coffee,” I love writing sarcastic 140 character statements on Twitter, I enjoy seeing my friends’ vacation photos on Facebook, I occasionally send a silly SnapChat… Wait… What? I have to time my tweets for the most audience engagement? I have to see a steady increase in Instagram followers? I have to put together a social media kit for sponsorship? I have to learn what a social media kit is? Yeaaaaah.


6. There will be some days you can write a million blog posts and some days where your brain is empty. Roll with it. Draft posts are the bees knees. You can write your heart out and then save it for another date or improve on it the next day and post it later. I try to keep a virtual sticky note (yes they are a thing on MacBooks and yes I use them) of blog post ideas for those days where I sit down at my computer and my brain just goes blank.


7. You will want to hug people through your computer. I never knew I would become so virtually close with so many people through my blog. I have been able to meet some of them (Hi Jen, Kaella, Leana, and Amanda) but most people that I consider “blog friends” I have never actually met. The internet is a weird place.


8. You will learn A LOT about yourself. Having to define yourself to an indeterminable audience online is very daunting. Do I share this? Will people want to hear me talk about this? Is this too personal? Am I too sweaty for this selfie? When I go back and read my old blog posts I want to love the girl that wrote them, so if I don’t put my heart and soul into those posts they won’t really be “me.” I write the way I talk. I talk a lot, I laugh a lot, I am sarcastic a lot. I cry sometimes, I smile often, and I hope that shines through on my blog. I have really learned about myself and changed as a person as a result of being a blogger. It’s pretty cool.

riddle i can't solve

If you made it to the end of this post… congrats. It seems that although this is my 732nd blog post, I still haven’t run out of things to say. 😉

If you’re a blogger, what is something you wish you had known about blogging before diving in?

If you were to start a blog about one thing in your life right now what would it be?


  1. I wish someone had told me how much fun it is! I love it when people walk up to me at an event and say, “Keith? I read your blog.” I guess I’m easy to recognize. I don’t get fussed about my readership. I blog what I want, when I want. I figure my readers are grownups, and if they like it they’ll come back, and if they don’t like some random post they will go on to whatever they were going to read next.
    My belief is that if you are writing to “monetize” your blog, you are in the wrong business. Go become an author, or a newspaper columnist, or write advertising copy, or join one of the big social media outfits. What I like most about reading blogs is the honesty and personal expression people bring to the page.

  2. Happy Blogiversary CGR!!!!!

    You are so right about the time commitment of blogging. I was nodding my head in agreement for pretty much all of the points you mentioned about ‘what they don’t tell you.’

  3. Yes, yes, yes…all so true! You come across as so sincere and charismatic on your blog which of course mirrors the way you are in real life too. Having that shine through in your writing is what makes your blog such a good read. Happy blogiversary!

    And hurrah for internet friends!! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for writing this post, I am in the process of starting a blog and I am both super excited and a bit nervous! It can be daunting, but i’m trying to take in as many tips, tricks etc. as possible, so this really helped and boosted my confidence a lot!
    For me, the thought of self promotion is a nerve racking, but I know that everyone that is close to be will be nothing but supportive.
    Thanks again!

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