WIAW: I should do this more often.

I am really good at taking photos of my breakfast at home but most days, at least 6 a week, I eat lunch and dinner at school or work, so I have to pack my meals and wind up forgetting to take photos of them! I have a photo of my eggs and tofu from each day this past week but only one of my lunch…#fail. Once again you get to see my typical Tuesday, but this week I went out for lunch so it’s 3% more exciting than normal!


AM Workout: 30 minutes stepper and 45 minutes of chest and arms. My shoulders were sore from a strength workout with my brother on Monday but I powered through a chest and arm workout and actually improved my bench press! I feel like I’m getting a lot stronger, particularly in upper body strength which is such an awesome feeling!

Breakfast: Egg whites with dill/paprika/garlic powder and parmesan cheese. I also had grilled tempeh, raspberries, and coffee. I usually do blog stuff on my computer as I eat breakfast. It’s a terrible habit but no one else is usually up when I’m eating so I get lonely. 😛


Lunch: I met a friend on Whyte Avenue for lunch! I walked the 15 minutes from my office to Cafe Mosaics and after browsing all of the delicious vegan and vegetarian food decided to get the tofu stir-fry and an Americano with soy milk to drink. It was incredible!


Afternoon Snack: I will never actually remember to take a photo of my greek yogurt/protein powder combo, let’s just all accept that. I also had an apple, but I assume you know what an apple looks like. It was a good protein-packed snack that held me over until after spin class!


PM Workout: I taught an hour of spin. It was sweaty. I LOVED IT.

Post-spin dinner: Frozen blueberry ‘nice cream.’ It’s almost a nightly thing now. I save some protein and carb macros for the evening and enjoy a delicious cool bowl of ‘nice cream’ before bed. This just happened to be my dinner yesterday after spin and so I added some peanut butter for a little more staying power.


Double workout days mean my protein has to be on fleek. I need those amino acids helping my muscles recover! I also had glutamine after spin but you’ve seen my Umoro shaker bottle far too many times. 😉 If you missed my post yesterday I chatted about my nutrition so far in this marathon training cycle!

What is your favourite summer treat this year?

What was the last restaurant you ate at?


  1. Cafe Mosiacs is pretty awesome.
    Favourite summer time type treat is definitely ice cream. Skor blizzards are simply the best.

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