WIAW: Seriously, these Tuesday eats tho.

I really need to change up my eats because I am pretty sure I have been eating these things every Tuesday for the last few MONTHS. I mean they are delicious, they are portable for my busy Tuesdays, and they hold their own nutrition-wise but still… WIAW are getting less and less exciting around these parts. Just wait for my WIAW West Coast Trail edition – that’ll be good!


AM Workout – 45 minutes on the stepper at the gym (can someone else please ask the fitness manager at my gym for a stair master because my requests haven’t panned out yet). I then did 45 minutes of upper body strength training.

Breakfast – Egg whites seasoned with dill, garlic powder, and paprika, and topped with parmesan and feta cheese. Grilled and smoked garlic pepper tofu (OMG it’s so good), and a side of peaches.


Morning Snack – The usual. Can’t stop won’t stop. Plain greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder (~43g protein). Side note, don’t you love when your highlighters match your post-in notes. No? Just me?


Lunch – A snack plate on the go. Hickory smoked soy jerky, Wheat thins popped, cottage cheese, and some peppers and cucumbers. Random fact: I am a huge fan of green peppers and no one else in my house likes them… more for me!


Afternoon Snack – Chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar and delicious and perfectly juicy raspberries. I also drank a million litres of water during the day… and I NEVER exaggerate. 😉


PM Workout – Taught an hour spin class. KILLED IT.


Dinner – Chocolate peanut butter protein shake and dried dates. Simple and easy, a scoop of chocolate protein, a half scoop of peanut butter protein, unsweetened soy milk, and ice. I ate more than three dates obviously… I just ate them as I was making the shake.

dates and protein

Pretty standard eats for my Tuesday. I eat about 4-6 small meals throughout the day so I stay fuelled for my double workout day. The reason my “dinner” is a protein shake is because it is about 8:30pm by the time I get home from spin and making actual food is just too time-consuming before I go to bed and I don’t want anything super heavy in my stomach. 🙂

What time do you eat dinner?

Spin class lovers out there? COME TO MY CLASS. 😉

Favourite eat from yesterday?


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