WIAW: West Coast Trail Edition.

I’m back! I survived hiking the West Coast Trail! It was one of the most challenging and incredibly rewarding experiences of my life and as I work on a full recap of the hike to be posted tomorrow, I thought I would throw in a teaser today for What I Ate Wednesday.


The key to a good multi-day hike, so I’m told, is packing light, so the goal for most of our meals was calorically dense, lightweight, easily transportable food. Most of our days were relatively the same as far as what we ate on the trail so I’ll show you a typical day on the WCT!

Breakfast: After waking up at almost exactly 6:00am every morning, my dad and I would begin to take camp down and pack everything away. We would boil water and add it to our bowls of oats, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. While that sat and cooked, we would pack up the tent and everything, then sit and enjoy our breakfast. As I mentioned, we packed peanut butter and despite its heavy weight, it was awesome to top our oats with every morning.

oatmeal on beach

Lunch: We usually got 6-9km under our belts before stopping for a significant break. By the time about 11am rolled around we were hungry hangry and things got very quiet on the trail. We both knew that by this point we needed to stop, rest, and eat! Every day for lunch we would make protein shakes with our treated water, skim milk powder, and protein powder. They were SO good. We also had an assortment of jerky (soy for me), trail mix, dried fruit, and Clif bars to munch on with our shakes.

clif bar lunch

Afternoon snack: While we were, it seemed, snacking away all day, this was perhaps my favourite afternoon snack. After getting to our next camp destination in early to mid afternoon every day, we would set up camp, and on a couple of occasions, we would make coffee, sit on the beach, and watch the whales. HEAVEN. My dad had the genius idea to bring dark chocolate squares with us so it made for the most delightful post-hike snack each day!

afternoon snack

Dinner: We brought dehydrated food for all five dinners on the trail. Either we were really hungry or these meals were really good, but whatever the case, we really enjoyed a hot meal at the end of the day. I only took a photo of this one because I wanted to prove that I NEEDED vegetables however and whenever I could get them, so I bought dehydrated peas and carrots to go with my lasagne.



That my friends was a typical day of eating on the West Coast Trail! We ate a ton of dried dates, dried apricots, chocolate chip Clif bars, and soy jerky throughout the day because the caloric expenditure on this trail is ridiculous and we simply needed the energy! It was the most amazing experience, stay tuned tomorrow for a full recap of the WCT!

Trail mix needs _______ in it to be good! (Fill in the blank)

If I could eat one thing for dinner for the rest of my life, it would be _________.


  1. I can’t wait to hear about your WCT experience. I really want to do this hike someday. Maybe next summer!

    Trail mix needs Cinnamon Toast Crunch in it to be good. Or at least roasted, salted almonds. And chocolate chips.

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