How this taper is going to work.

It’s been no secret that I haven’t exactly followed a strict training plan during this Chicago Marathon training cycle. If you take a look at my Chicago Marathon training page you will see that the mileage is all over the map, it’s inconsistent, and definitely doesn’t resemble the perfect lead up to a 26.2 mile run.



We are into the home stretch of training and as many of you runners know, there is no more “training” happening. What I have done (and haven’t done) up until this point is what will carry me through the race in Chicago. These remaining two and a half weeks are for tapering, resting, and freaking out about the whole running-a-marathon thing.

Once again, I’ve learned a ton about marathon training, running, and my body during this marathon cycle. I know for sure that I am not cut out to be a one-trick-pony… I like to do far too many things in the fitness world and balancing marathon training with just about anything else is HARD WORK.


I will probably most definitely talk about my plans for after the marathon in an upcoming post, but as far as this taper goes, I am all about the rest, cross training, and SMART running. Too many of my runs have been simply for the mileage lately and not because they feel good or are pain-free training runs. I am battling what could be an overly tight IT band or shin splints… or cancer if I’m to believe Dr. Google… so I need to make sure I’m ready to go on race day to have a great race!


Things I’m focusing on during this taper:

  • Tiger-tail, rolling, icing, repeat.
  • WARM UP before running.
  • Running PAIN-FREE. (aka. if I really need it, taking an extra day off)
  • Finding fun things to do in Chicago!!
  • Thinking about the frosty glass of beer I will drink after the marathon.

Of course I have ideal goals for this race, most dream goals that are totally not realistic, but I am going to be in CHICAGO, running a MARATHON, so I have a priority goal to simply enjoy the race, let my day-of body tell me how fast to run, and take in the entire experience. I need a strong taper to help me make it to the start line (and finish line) healthy. 🙂

What are key features of YOUR marathon taper?

If anyone has a great IT band stretch let me know!!

Favourite post-race treat? A massage? Beer? Icecream?


  1. I’m doing Chicago too! This is my first marathon and the taper is such a love/hate relationship. Favorite post race treat this year is spending a week in Naples FL with some nice R&R and a spa day with a new hairdo. Hoping to see some new things in Chicago too. When are you traveling there?

  2. I’m not sure I’m allowed to give any taper advice ?
    But beer and nachos are definitely my marathon race go to.

  3. That is one thing that i struggle with when I’m supposed to be sticking to a training schedule. There are so many other things that i do during the week (ie spin, barre, etc) that often i end up not sticking to the schedule as much as i hope to.

    As for post race treat, a beer is always good!

    Good luck in your taper!

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