Marathon Monday: CMT Week 13.

Alternatively titled, “The week that finally WAS.” I felt really on this week. My legs were tired and sometimes sore but I managed to run 4 days this week with no pain and I also revolutionized my post-run recovery plan by, you know… actually stretching and foam rolling.  I can’t believe Chicago is only 5 weeks away!

Marathon Monday

I completed runs on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday this week. I used each day in between to get in some light cardio and weights, as well as a ton of stretching and foam rolling. I literally cried while foam rolling my IT bands it hurt so bad but I felt a million times better when I was all stretched out! I was super nervous for my long run this week because with Chicago being so close I really needed to nail some distance runs before the taper. I have almost abandoned my initial long run schedule so this week was a “hopefully 16 mile” run before the Canmore half marathon next weekend.

As I am in Banff, I decided to map out a big run to do around this gorgeous place Sunday morning. The conference I attended finished up Saturday afternoon so I didn’t have time Saturday to get my run done. It was also snowing Saturday evening so there’s that. I plotted out a point to point course from my hotel on Tunnel Mountain to Canmore, along the Legacy Trail (the trail my mom and I walked on last summer).

run to canmore collage

I was super duper nervous heading into this run. Could I run that far still? Would it be cold and I would get half way there and not be able to go further? Should I worry about pace? Do I even remember how to do a long run?

I lazed around in bed yesterday morning, watched an episode of Friends while eating my go-to long run breakfast of a banana and Clif bar (chocolate almond fudge) and drinking a little water. It wasn’t raining or snowing and didn’t even look windy so I knew I just needed to get out there and get going. I wore my 7/8 Lulu run tights, sports bra and Alphalete shirt, and my Brooks super light wind jacket. I am shaking things up with some Asics 2000s on my feet.

collage 2

Long story short, I had NOTHING to worry about and it was one of the best runs of the summer. 18.13 miles from the doorstep of my hotel to the bus stop in Canmore (I took the bus back to Banff). I took it nice and easy with my pace, starting with some slow miles uphill leaving my hotel and coasting some sub-9 miles around 13-17.

18 miles

  • PERFECT weather (about 2-5 degrees Celsius). I am NOT a hot weather runner.
  • A beautiful fresh layer of snow on all of the mountains.
  • Point to point net downhill run with views of mountains and a coyote along the way.
  • NAILED my fuelling of 2 Honey Stinger energy chews and a couple sips of water every 2 miles starting at mile 6.
  • I brought money for a Powerade Zero when I finished and it was the BEST thing ever.
  • No chaffing. I always have a HR monitor slice across my chest so besides that I was golden.

Yeah baby, it was fabulous.


There was about 500ft of elevation gain on my run but almost 1000ft of elevation loss. Yay for running “out of” the mountains! I am 97% sure that the 500ft of elevation gain was in the first three miles. I had to run kind of up Tunnel Mountain and around it in order to get back towards Highway 1 and Legacy Trail so there were some tough climbs to start the run which probably made the rest of it seem easier! The dark grey in this chart is the elevation, while the blue is my pace.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 4.40.44 PM

I think the only downside to yesterday’s run was that when I got off at the downtown Banff bus stop I had to walk uphill for a mile or two to get back to my hotel. I was pretty chilled so it was a cold walk back, only making the hot shower feel 38917 times better! The 18 miles topped off my training week at 37.44 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 4.41.30 PM

Once I had showered and put on some comfy clothes, I headed downtown Banff to grab a coffee from Wild Flour Bakery and then to wander around. It was actually pretty nice out, and by nice I mean it wasn’t raining, so it felt good to just walk around and stretch out my legs. According to my phone I walked and ran about 40,000 steps yesterday!

Random: I am in love with the half-bun hair style. it is so easy, keeps my hair out of my face, but also shows off how long my hair is!


I am heading back to St. Albert today, but first – a Calgary Stampeder’s football game with my aunt! I am seriously really happy about my week in training last week so hopefully the momentum keeps going this week! FIVE WEEKS PEOPLE!

What is your favourite post-run drink? 

Are you able to eat right after a long run or are you like me and have to wait a few hours?


  1. Nice work! I love planning a route that is point A to point B. Much more entertaining than an out and back. It also helps that your route was in one of the prettiest parts of our country 🙂

  2. WELL DONE on your long run, friend! I love running from Banff to Canmore because it’s a nice 1000 ft descent (I think) the entire way.

    My fav post-run drink is NUUN water. And vodka. Sometimes mixed together.

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