Marathon Monday: Edmonton Night Race Recap & CMT Week 15.

If that isn’t a long and confusing post title I don’t know what is. What I DO know is that today is Marathon Monday and in fact my marathon is only THREE WEEKS AWAY. Since school has started the weeks have been flying so I know I’m going to blink and be in Chicago!

Marathon Monday

This weekend I was invited to participate in the Edmonton PureProtein Night Race. I gave away a couple of race registrations a few weeks ago and the person who won it, Susan B, was actually at the Edmonton race last night too!! I ran the 5K with my mom while Susan did the 10K! My mom and I are NOT evening runners. I would rather run at 5:30am than at 7:30pm any day but doing this night race was actually SO FUN.


Here’s a photo of Susan and her husband before conquering a speedy 10K!! Thanks Susan for the photo AND for entering (and winning) the contest!! You guys look awesome, I hope you had a blast!


There were 2000+ people at Sir Wilfred Laurier Park in Edmonton (near the Edmonton Zoo) and once the sun set the 10K racers set off, then the 5Kers like my mom and I waited 10 minutes before our race began. Everyone was given a headlamp to run with and it was incredibly cool to see hundreds of people running around with headlamps, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and face paint on in the dark. There was a Brooks tent set up for face paint and volunteers handing out bracelets!


It was a perfectly cool evening for a run in the park. I had just done my 20-miler the day before the race and I wasn’t quite ready to run again, especially a race, so we did a nice slow run around the course. It was pretty packed to start with hundreds of people crammed on the park trail but once it spread out it was easier to run faster.


The best part about this race was the atmosphere. It felt more like a party than a race and it didn’t feel competitive at all. Everyone was there to have fun, dress up, glow, and run. There were some speedy folks (I don’t know how they ran in the dark that fast with some potholes) who raced the event but most people were behind my mom and I and we only did a 9:06 min/mile pace!

We got to the finish just over 28 minutes, grabbed some water, and made our way to the food tents. They had chips, banana, and PureProtein bars… then we headed to the BEER TENT. I don’t drink often, but when I do I am a beer drinking girl. No wine, coolers, or martinis for me, I love a cold beer. Each race participant (over the legal age obviously) got a free Molson 67 at the end of the race!



We didn’t drink all of them and ended up pouring some out but it sure was refreshing! The music was pumping and then lights were going, and more and more people started to roll in from the 5K and 10K events. My mom and I left pretty soon after we grabbed our beer but it was a total blast!

I definitely recommend this event. I was super hesitant to go because I hate running at night, I hate running in the dark, and I hate driving 45 minutes to go for a 5K run but it was SO WORTH IT. I also have a fancy new headlamp to conquer my fear of running in the dark this winter. 😀 It is SUCH A FUN event and you can’t even take yourself seriously when you’re in that fun crowd of glowing runners. Another awesome thing about these races is that all proceeds go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada, a heartwarming charity that helps children with devastating illnesses in and out of hospital. These Night Races run all over Canada so visit their website for more information and to maybe sign up if your local event hasn’t happened yet!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 1.45.29 PM

Yesterday, after a night of racing, I slept in and then headed to the gym with my brother for a complete upper body workout. I do a ton of supersets and try to take as little rest as possible so I had dominated my arms and shoulders in 45 minutes! I hit up a Barre class at 11am and then spent the rest of the day drinking coffee and watching football. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! 28.35 miles this week after a tough half marathon last weekend and including my dominant 20-miler on Friday!

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 1.50.29 PM

I am beginning a slight taper this week, with the most reduction being in my long run. I am so glad I got a 20-miler in during this training cycle, because if you’ve been following along I’m been struggling to stick to my marathon training plan with the extra spin and strength I do and with some super tight muscles in my right lower leg. I’m heading to Waterton this weekend with a bunch of other bloggers and I know I’ll have some awesome people to run with this weekend!!

NIGHT RUNNERS – how do you do it? What is the latest you’ll run?

Have you ever done the Night Race?

How did your week of training go? What was your proudest workout?

Disclaimer: Race entry for me and one other person was provided to me by the PureProtein Night Race team. All race recap text and opinions are my own. 


  1. I honestly cannot decide whether i am a morning runner or a late afternoon/evening runner. It really depends on the time of year and what else is going on in my life!

    For workouts, I played two softball games on Sunday which didn’t seem that bad, but boy am i sore today!
    I wanted to do the night race in Calgary this year but the timing didn’t work out, so next year i am definitely down!

    1. Yikes!! It’s always that active living stuff we don’t think will make us sore but totally does! I wish I were coordinated enough to play softball. 😛

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