Marathon Mood Swings.

I never really know what kind of mood I’ll be in after a run lately. Some runs are AMAZING and some runs I don’t know whether to cry or scream. My 18-miler two weeks ago was incredible, my shorter runs are iffy, the half marathon on Sunday was pretty awesome, and my first run after the race on Wednesday was TERRIBLE. It’s a physical and emotional roller coaster.


It’s mostly my shins. My right leg is just “off.” I am 97% sure it’s tight calf muscles and IT band so I have reaaaaaally been working on foam rolling and stretching. If I am slacking on the foam rolling, my IT band tightens up and I can feel it pulling my knee outwards… weird, I know. I honestly can never tell what it will be like when I wake up in the morning so I just roll with it. I haven’t run as many miles for this marathon training cycle as I would have liked but I’m over it.


Marathon training really allows you to push and test your limits. I know more about my body than ever just based on how much I have to pay attention to it when in training. I know when I need to cut a run short, skip a run, or embrace the tightness, stretch it out, and cross my fingers for the best. It’s more mentally draining than anything, especially when I look around me and see all of my friends/bloggers/people running faster and farther than ever. I guess I just need to remember that what is best for them might not be best for me.


One thing that is going well are my spin classes and strength training. School has definitely impacted my ability to workout for hours each day like I did in the summer (duh) but I am making sure to continue strength training and keep my muscles strong… which just means I also have to add MORE stretching to my routine.

Yesterday I was the ONLY WOMAN on the weight lifting floor of the gym. Just me and a ton of boys. I did a chest and glute workout after a quick warm up on the Stairmaster. I am trying out GoodLife fitness for the month after winning a free month from Sam’s blog contest and so far so good. I really like the 24/7 aspect, the actual stair-mill and NOT stepper, and the hamstring leg curl machine. I hope to try out the BodyPump class soon because I have heard so many people rave about it!


My dinners after spin class are all eerily similar. Protein “nice cream!!!” I made chocolate nice cream with frozen bananas and topped it with peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles. All worthwhile dinners have chocolate and peanut butter amirite?


Marathon training throws me into a roller coaster of emotions. My plan is to get my peak long run in this weekend of 20 miles… get ready for even more pain and emotion for that one. 😉 The day I do it will honestly depend how I feel when I wake up each morning. YAY for the weekend!

Do you ever feel your training throwing you into mood swings?

What did YOU have for dinner last night?


  1. I had an off stomach last night so I didn’t end up wanting anything for supper. I had a bowl of cereal before bed and calling it a night.

    I get the same way with marathon training. I think it’s safe to say everyone has those feelings at some point. You’re not alone! You’re totally kicking butt in your training and have done so much to supplement things. I KNOW you’re going to rock it!

    YES, try Body Pump!! I’ve fallen behind on all my plans to strength train the last few weeks but hoping to find some time next week for at least a class or two!

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