Pre-Race Traditions.

This morning I’ll be running the Canmore Rocky Mountain half marathon with my mom! I genuinely don’t remember why I signed up for this race, whether it was a good pre-marathon training race, the beautiful course that drew me in, or I was just looking to add another race to my calendar, but whatever the case, I’m in Canmore and I’m running.


My mom and I were going to try and find an easy/short hike or trail to do yesterday morning because you can’t be in Canmore and just NOT get outside for some exercise. We ended up walking from our hotel to the trailhead of the Grassi Lakes trail. Why did we get to the trailhead and turn around? Because we had walked FIVE MILES to the trailhead so we figured a 10-mile walk the day before a half marathon was pretty idiotic in itself, so we shouldn’t push it to do 2 half marathons in 2 days.


We also didn’t bring water and it was getting really hot out. You’d think we would know better by this point. The route wasn’t quite 5 miles on the way back (we got lost) so I clocked 9.67 miles in just over two hours by the time my mom and I got back to our hotel. We then proceeded to walk around Canmore and Banff the rest of the day, do some shopping, do some eating, and pick up our race packages!


I just love walking around Banff and Canmore! I don’t know if 27,000 steps the day before a race was the best idea but I needed to get my fix of mountain air. 😉 Can you spot where we got lost and had to turn around?

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 7.18.27 PM

My mom and I have a few race traditions for every event that we do. I say “my mom and I” because we have done most if not all races together, running separately (we ran HERE together), but we both sign up for the race together. Here are some of our pre-race traditions:

  • We both ask each other why we signed up for the *expletive* race.
  • My mom swears she won’t drink the night before a race… then she pours herself a glass of wine.
  • We have to make a last minute banana purchase for my pre-race breakfast. I need the perfect ripeness of banana. #princess
  • We pick out our race outfits and then proceed to change our minds a million times after checking the weather a million times.
  • We get nervous, we get excited, we get nervous, we get excited… and repeat.
  • We charge our Garmins (100% or nothing… WHAT IF IT DIES, IT WOULD BE LIKE I NEVER DID THE RACE) and lay out our gear and running shoes.
  • We tell ourselves that we will get a good night’s sleep before the race. There’s a first time for everything right?

Pretty common pre-race shenanigans. Last night, we got back to our hotel after walking a million steps and spent the evening relaxing and watching baseball. I tend to get really quiet as I start to think about the race, even if I don’t  have a big time goal or race goal! For this race, it’s strictly a training run because I have Chicago in 4 weeks! I may or may not run with my mom but my most important goal is to just enjoy running in the mountains!


What are your pre-race traditions? 

Go-to pre-race breakfast?

Do you drink coffee before you run?


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