September Goals… umm, survive?

I am usually dreading September and ending summer vacation but I am really ready this year for fall, a new semester at school, a new facility to teach spin, and some more goal talk. I had an incredible summer. I slept in more than I should have, I got sunburnt more than I wanted to, I did less school work than I needed to, and I “treated” myself far too often… but all in all I think that’s exactly what summer is supposed to be.


I didn’t set any fitness or nutrition goals for the month of August. My month was pretty hectic and with a two-week vacation booked during the last two weeks of the month and a 6-day backpacking trip thrown in, I knew any strict consistency wasn’t happening. All I wanted to do was conquer a Century (100 mile) bike ride and successfully complete the West Coast Trail.


In case you missed it, the recap of my century ride is HERE and the ginormous novel of a post about the West Coast Trail is HERE. You can also continue to check my Instagram for WCT photos because I can’t seem to stop adding more. Now let’s talk SEPTEMBER!

september goalsssss

September is going to be one heck of a busy month. I am getting ready for my last year of University (the second year of my Masters degree) and this semester I have three courses in addition to writing my thesis. I will be teaching three spin classes a week, one at my hometown gym and two others at my regular spin gym. I have two races on my plate this month, the Canmore half marathon and the Edmonton Night Race.

Dear lord… just thinking about how much I’ll be doing makes me tired.

September Goals

  • Hit my target macros again. Sure, vacation was a nice break but my body is so ready to be back into a healthy routine… with a  few more micronutrients.
  • Run the Canmore half marathon in under two hours. It’s going to be a training run for me, but I still want to run a sub-2.
  • Get one 20-mile training run in before Chicago. Lofty marathon training goal I know.


Let’s go September! Also… scarves, boots, and pumpkin spice… and cooler running. I LOVE FALL.

What are your September goals?

Anyone else in school right now? 


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