Shake shake, shake it off.

I’m back at the barre.

It hurts, I shake, I swear… but I love it.


I felt like I had been doing the same things in the gym as far as weight lifting goes and needed to change things up so I am trying to get to barre class once a week. I am trying not to lift heavy with my legs at the gym so the pulses and lighter weights/high reps in barre are perfect for some lower body strength training without pushing myself too hard.


I tried barre class for the first time last year, in November, as part of a “try new things” challenge I gave myself. I was instantly hooked, and yes, it’s like a glittery and lululemon clad cult but it’s kind of awesome. You can read the lessons I learned from my first few barre classes HERE and about my first experience with barre HERE. A barre workout is NO joke. If you are holding correct form and squeezing your muscles when the instructor tells you to then you should leave the studio shaking.

barre someecard

At barre class I have found that all of the weight lifting in the gym I’ve been doing, particularly focused on my upper body has been paying off! I started barre last fall using between 0 and 1 lb dumbbells. NOW, I can use the 3lb ones for triceps, biceps, and back. YEAH BABY.

In case you are looking for an awesome barre studio (and I’m totally not even being paid to say this, I just really love the barretenders here), Sculpt Barre is where I get my shake on. They are opening their sixth studio in a few weeks so check and see if there’s one in your area because they will rock your sparkly grippy socks off.


On a non-barre note, I did actual upper body heavIER (like, not actually heavy weights, but more than 3lbs) weight lifting with my brother at the gym on Sunday before barre class and I have moved my shoulder press weight up another 10lbs. It was an exciting day. If only my leg muscles would cooperate like my arm muscles and not be painful and annoying and make it hard for me to love running… that would be great.

Whatever… I just gotta shake it off.


What is your favourite way to strength train?

BodyPump vs Barre class – anyone who has tried both, which is more shake-worthy?!

Ever have those days where you just really feel like Taylor Swift?



  1. I love Barre!! I also love Pump! I don’t think I could pick a favourite but… I have to go with Pump!

    I need to make time to do more classes. Training for a marathon is no joke (as far as time commitments go!)

  2. I did Barre class earlier this year and loved it. I have debated on signing up for another one in the fall but I’m worried about trying to fit everything in…
    Right now I’m really enjoying a high intensity/TRX class for strength training!

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