The things you can do when you travel alone.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I have hardly ever traveled completely alone, and when I do, it’s for a weekend or a few nights and never too far away from home. I love the craziness of family vacations and staying with friends and relatives, but there are some awesome perks to traveling alone!

  1. You can decide exactly where you want to go and how long you want to spend there. I love going to the mountains and I am totally game to drive 5 hours to the mountains, just to hang out and go running or hiking, and then drive home the next day… not everyone else thinks that’s a fun or worthwhile idea.


2. You can go for second breakfast and no one will judge you. After my long run on Sunday, I woke up starving on Monday morning. After a little walk/jog/crawl around Banff, I had a minuscule veggie omelette at the hotel restaurant… then stopped for a second breakfast about 30 minutes later of coffee and a carrot and chia muffin on my way out of town.


3. You can go running for three hours simply because YOU want to. I don’t think a family vacation leaves a whole lot of time for a three hour run, so I loved that I was able to spend half of my day just getting some exercise without taking away from someone else’s vacation.

18 miles

4. No one criticizes your driving or singing. I think I’m a really good driver, but some people also think they are really good backseat drivers. These people are not in the car when you’re travelling alone. 😉 You can also sing as loud as you want and dance to your favourite songs when you drive alone… highway driving is the best.

giphy copy

5. You can decide to meet up with people in the area… or not. If you get bored or lonely you could always find some friends to hang out with for a bit… but then when you get tired of them you have your sweet quiet hotel room to retreat to. Especially if the people you meet up with have children or something… bleh.

I think finding the right people to travel with is key, and you could actually enjoy all of these perks with someone who has a similar mindset about travel. It’s also really cool to travel alone a tiny bit and do some things that maybe you’ve wanted to do for a really long time, or you just like to stop on the side of the highway and take photos, or you just need to destress and relax with time to yourself! 🙂



Yesterday, after second breakfast, I left Banff mid-morning. I attempted to go for a post-long run recovery run when I woke up but that just was NOT happening so I called it quits and walked back to the hotel after struggling through three measly miles. I used the Tiger tail and stretched out my muscles instead of pushing through another couple of painful miles.

I drove to my aunt’s house and got there around noon. We chatted a bit and then headed to the Calgary Stampeders football game against the Edmonton Eskimos… the Labour Day Classic! I am a stamps fan and it was so awesome to see them play a home game! The stadium was sold out and the crowd had awesome energy! We also won so that was fun!

labor day classic


After the game I drove back to St. Albert. I always get so sad leaving the mountains as I drive out of Canmore but watching the prairie sunset as you drive along the highway from Calgary to Edmonton is admittedly really beautiful. I couldn’t be too sad leaving Canmore yesterday because I knew that I would be driving back there in five days to run the Rocky Mountain Canmore half marathon!

Do you ever travel alone? What is the best part?

Football fans out there?! CFL favourite team? NFL fans – favourite team?

Next vacation plans – where are you going?


    1. I thought about them a bit but I’ve lived around and encountered a few bears in my life so I wasn’t too worried 🙂 I saw one coyote and that’s it!!

  1. I rarely travel alone, even pre-kid, I was usually with a friend/boyfriend, but I did live in Chilliwack for 4 years and often did the 12 hour drive to Edmonton alone. I actually really miss those long drives by myself. Now, a hotel room to myself or a mini weekend getaway is my idea of heaven 😉

  2. I was at the game too! It was totally fab. And the bunny??? Hilarious. Stamps fan since moving here from TO. Never travel alone…. 3 kids, so yeah. Next mini vacation is Delta Kaninaskis lodge in a couple weeks on the 3rd night of my hubby’s 4 day bike ride in the mountains. Also, I ran that half last year and it was beautiful!! Good luck!

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