Thinking Out Loud Thursday #28!

Last week I wrote my West Coast Trail recap on Thursday so I missed out on the usual Thinking Out Loud Thursday link-up with Amanda at Running with Spoons! Thankfully this week I’m back at it with some randomness and thoughts to share.


  • I miss this place already.


I truly didn’t appreciate how amazing our weather for the trail was until Parks Canada recently released a notice advising hikers to delay their hike for at least a day or two or until conditions improve due to the rapid weather changes that occurred in BC these last few days.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.54.32 PM

  • I ran 7 miles on Monday and 5 miles yesterday. Neither felt super awesome. WTF is going on with my legs? Stretching, icing, and slowing my pace are all I can really do and it’s been a pretty frustrating time. I have to curl up in bed with only my leg out to keep warm while I’m icing.


  • On the bright side, I get to watch the full fall harvest happening right in my backyard when I go for runs in the morning. My (farm-raised) dad is going to quiz me on what machines they used to do this when he reads this post. We don’t have oceans or mountains here in central Alberta… but we have grain fields! WEO!

harvest time

  • How cute are my dad and I? My dad and I used to go on a camping father-daughter trip every year so the WCT wasn’t a stretch for us, doing something like that together. We are a tenting-only family so I am used to setting up camp, cooking on a camp stove, and attempting to get a good sleep with only a thin layer of nylon protecting me from bears. Whoa throwback Thursday!! 😀

old camping


  • On Tuesday my fall semester started at school. I was half-ass going to school during the summer so it didn’t feel weird to be back, but now I have three whole classes to attend and there are millions of people in the line for Starbucks and it’s nonsense! 😉 Let’s see how long I can go without wearing lulu tights to school… we’re on day 3.


  • When you buy your text books on the way to the first class, sit down, and your professor is like:


Ummmm no.

  • I’m going to contradict the above statement about school by saying that this is more accurately my life this week. My neighbourhood is putting together a Fantasy Football league and I’ve thrown down some serious smack talk, so I really need to back it up with a great team. Our draft is this weekend… I’ll be skyping in from Banff. Hahahaha.


  • Breakfast for dinner is the best! Protein pancake with peanut butter and syrup, with a side of sliced pear. I needed something easy to digest before I went to an evening BARRE class. You read that right.

protein pancake

  • I hadn’t been to a barre class in so long! It was great! I was honestly really nervous to go back because barre is stupid hard, but I managed to do the whole arm sequence with 2lb weights so… NAILED IT. My tight hamstrings (and calves and IT band and quads and…) made the leg stuff harder than it should have been but it was a really great class.

barre someecard


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I have a student conference on public health this weekend in BANFF and I am excited to take another little mini-vacay. I extended my weekend to include the holiday Monday, even though the conference is only tomorrow and Saturday, to spend a little more time soaking in that fine mountain air. I really know how to choose my conferences – location location location. 😉 I’m quite certain it’s going to snow there this weekend but it should be fun no matter what!

Have you tried a barre class? What did you think?

What is the coolest/best thing you have seen on your run?

Plans for the long weekend?


  1. Aww for father daughter camping trips! I try to go on at least one trip with my family every year, and we usually go somewhere in the fall so I’m hoping that’s going to happen this year as well. And have the best time in Banff! I didn’t make it out to the mountains this summer, so I’m really hoping I’ll get up there sometime soon.

  2. found your blog today through one of the link ups!

    LOVE your father daughter camping trips, how sweet!

    that is so funny and true about barre. I went to a class recently and it was way harder than I thought it was going to be!

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