Thinking Out Loud Thursday #29!

Quite possibly my favourite day of the week to write a blog post, welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday. If you ask my parents, they will tell you I’m really good at thinking out loud in real life so it should be no surprise that I always have lots to write about on Thursdays! I’m pleased as punch to once again be linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for this week’s edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • I wandered around Banff on Sunday afternoon and ran into a major sale at the Gap. 40% off your entire purchase, including sale items. Surprisingly, despite the crowded streets, the store was practically empty so I gathered a bunch of stuff and tried tons of different outfits on. I ended up buying three dresses (who am I?) and some grey jeans for a ridiculous deal! Changeroom selfies are better then bathroom selfies right?

changeroom selfie

  • As you can tell, I wore lulu tights around town this weekend after my long run, BUT I am still on a hot 6-day streak of not wearing spandex at school. Adult life is hard.


  • How ridiculous is the price of this ONE textbook? Good thing I only have three courses this semester or I would have to return my three Gap dresses to save for textbook funds.


  • How most of my texts to friends seem to be going lately. “By ‘hang out do you mean you want to come lift weights with me at the gym errrrr?” School + job + spin + marathon training + weight lifting = busy busy busy.


  • Can we all agree that getting back to your regular protein-packed diet when you return from travel is one of the best feelings? I genuinely missed having my morning egg whites, snacking on greek yogurt, protein shakes, and smoked tofu… is that weird? I just can’t stop loving this breakfast.


  • FINALLY. The NFL regular season is upon us. While my Fantasy Football team is going to have to fight really hard to make it to the top of the league, I am super stoked for this NFL season. Let’s not tell my boss that 75% of the reason I wanted Sundays off this fall was to watch football.


  • I say this more often than is necessary. Upon completing my degree, I will be looking for jobs a little closer to the mountains!


  • As I am beginning my SIXTH year of post-secondary education, I am slowly but surely becoming the bitter old graduate student that drinks a ridiculous amount of coffee and complains about the long line of “kids” at the bookstore.


  • I did a 7.38 mile run yesterday and felt slightly sore and like my IT band was going to snap for the first 4.5 miles… then I guess I warmed up and felt fine for the last bit? Running is weird. Side note: I need to foam roll my IT band again.

That is all I have for you today. I could probably keep going and complain about more things and talk smack about first-year University students but I’ll save you from that fun and end it here! I am going to Canmore tomorrow… GET EXCITED.

Favourite TV show returning this fall?

Tell me something random!


  1. I always crave my normal diet after travelling… especially if I’ve had to live off too many snacks and not enough veggies. And the mountains are calling you too, eh? I’m still working on making it happen because this city life is for the birds…

  2. YAY NFL!!!!! Can’t freaking wait for tonight! Also, I have a killer IT band stretch that saved me from crippling pain 10 years ago and I’ve been IT band pain free since. Yay. Now to just get completely rid of this pesky plantar fasciitis that is just lingering… and lingering… and lingering…. Let me know if you want it. 🙂

  3. Ummmm, random comment….. well, it is going to be sunny today in Regina. So, I am washing the towels today and putting them out on the clotheshorse Uncle Lyle made for us and they are going to smell sooooooo nice after. I love laundry dried outside. Nothing smells fresher than that. Love ya. Good luck in Canmore. Hope it goes well.

  4. As someone who’s been in the workforce now for 4 years, I’m actually starting to miss post-secondary school… and I was there for 6 years! Sadly, I’m still paying for it… ugh student loans and ridiculously priced text books.

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