Thinking Out Loud Thursday #30!

Traveling on the weekends and working my butt off during the week means the days are FLYING by and here we are at another Thinking Out Loud Thursday post. Of course, I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons, a fellow Edmontonian, and Amanda if you’re reading this, we need another coffee date ASAP! I also magically know (through the power of your blog) that you’ve been baking with pumpkin lately so if that happens to join us on the coffee date I wouldn’t hate it. 😉


  • First things first I’m the realest I thought I would update you on the real pants streak. We are now at a total of 11 school days wearing real pants and not caving in and wearing lulu tights. This is my proudest accomplishment of my academic career.


  • I can’t mention school without mentioning how PRODUCTIVE I’ve been every single day since the fall semester started. Going to school during the summer turned into not going to school at all. With no courses and my own schedule during July and August I was half assing it at best and now that I am back in a routine with a regular schedule, I am on FIRE. Let’s hope this continues for a while… I would say the whole year but let’s be honest, I’ll be shocked if this productivity is still happening in October.


  • Let’s just not talk about the ending of the Giants and Cowboys game on Sunday night. It’s heartbreaking to be a New York Giants fan. Just when you think you’re actually going to win a game.


  • A solid flavour choice. Do you ever taste something and it instantly brings back memories from your childhood or from a really long time ago? That totally happened when I drank this black cherry sparkling water… I don’t exactly know why but I was instantly flooded with past memories with the black cherry flavour!


  • I mentioned in this post that I think I’ve found my favourite long run outfit (potentially my marathon race day outfit). I forgot I had this Brooks neon running jacket and it is so comfy and fits perfectly. It is super light but I love that it was pockets for my phone and then flows in the back to move with you when you run. I also almost always rock some capris or long tights for a long run because… chaffing.


  • I started teaching a 5:45am spin class on Tuesdays this week and while I love working out in the mornings, it is a whole different ball game to teach group fitness that early! It was kind of a weird class because the audio wasn’t working properly so my microphone wouldn’t work and the speakers weren’t loud but I did my best and hopefully next time everything works out! At least my participants got a good sweat on! In case you’re wondering what my spin classes look like:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.57.40 PM

  • When we left Canmore on Sunday we stopped at Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. and picked up a dozen chocolate chip bagels to freeze when we got home. They are SO good and there are very few places that sell chocolate chip bagels so it was a necessary stop! My parents even ate one for dinner when we got home from the trip!


  • HOW CUTE ARE THE FALL STARBUCKS CUPS? It was a huge bonus that the barista even spelt my name right (without me spelling it for him) but I couldn’t get over how adorable these cups are. All the more reason to drink more coffee. Ugh Starbucks, you win again.



  • I miss Motivation Monday. I love keeping cheesy motivation quotes on my phone lock screen and my computer background. These are a couple of my latest ones. I’m busy busy busy at this moment in time but if I keep myself organized, focused, and determined, I know I can accomplish anything.



Enjoy your Thursday – it’s almost the weekend! I am actually NOT going away this weekend and my grandpa is coming to visit so I think it’s going to be a nice and hopefully relaxing time! I am running the 5K race at the Edmonton Night Race if anyone in the area wants to come down and hang out or run with me! I am still sorting out when I’m going to do my long run this weekend but I can guarantee you’ll hear about it sometime soon… ah, the life of a blogger. 🙂

Tell me about YOU -> What do you do for a living?

What is your current running mantra?


  1. I love your yellow jacket – it’s so cute!! I want one so we can be twins.

    I have a few running mantras that I keep in my back pocket when things get tough.
    “I can do hard things”
    “This isn’t the hardest thing I’ve done”
    “One step, one breath at a time”

    I also have to make the conscious choice to SMILE and rid myself of ‘the pain face’ – it seriously lightens the mood & helps me relax more.

  2. Have fun at the Night Race – I hear it’s a blast! Also, those bagels are heaven. Every time I go to Canmore it is a necessary stop. My favourite combo, toasted chocolate chip bagel with peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter, need I say more?

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