Thinking Out Loud Thursday #31!

Yesterday I took the day off (of school, not work) in order to get ready for a weekend of travel, do laundry, and get some things off my to-do list that can’t be done evenings and weekends (like blood tests). I desperately need an oil change for my vehicle but sadly I ran out of time before my evening shift at work. I guess before I ramble too long I should welcome you to another edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • Considering I didn’t have to be up at the butt crack of dawn to workout before heading to school, I slept in a bit, read some school nutrition policy papers and ate breakfast, before heading to a mid-morning barre class. It was a quiet class and really awesome. I can’t believe how quickly those classes fly by.


  • Best mid-afternoon snack from yesterday, a Simply Protein coffee and chocolate protein bar (super light and delicious; not as dense as a Quest bar) and an iced Americano.


  • This is what human nutrition students do when they have a day off, they spend their day crafting fruit and vegetable tracking charts for their mom’s classroom. A teacher a talked to did this in her classroom and her students got so excited about brining fruits and vegetables in their lunch! I pitched the idea to my mom, who is a grade 4 teacher and she loved it, so I drew up some poster board tracking charts with each student’s name. The kids get prizes for bringing their servings of fruits and vegetables!


  • Being a New York Giants fan got me like…


  • I got a haircut yesterday at such a sketchy salon. I went to my usual one, knowing there would be no day-of appointments available, so wasn’t shocked when they couldn’t fit me in… then I tried a few more, all without luck, finally settling on a mall salon. There really isn’t too much that could go wrong with a trim on long hair, but I was still slightly nervous. It turned out great and feels/looks so much healthier! Mandatory post-salon car photo.


  • Because sprinkles make everything more fun. This protein packed chocolate ‘nice cream’ after an evening of spin does not disappoint.


  • I’m hiking to Crypt Lake with Jo (Living Mint Green) tomorrow!! I’m so excited. She is basically queen of hiking the Rocky Mountains so I’m extremely stoked to get to go hiking with her! It is forecasted to be a beautiful sunny day too! There is apparently a “rope to get around a cliff” on the trail sooo… wish me luck. I’ve been craving a good hike since the WCT! (Photo from: HERE)


  • I have the perfect interval training/spin song right now. “Beautiful Now” by Zedd. It runs through the chorus three times and in between it gives a nice slow beat for recovery. The chorus ramps right up and it totally pumps me up. I used it to do sprints in spin class this week and it was awesome!

I am looking forward to (ANOTHER) weekend away in the mountains! I keep watching things pile up on my desk at school and I can’t even count the number of items in my agenda this week but I find myself SO much more productive during the week when I take a few days, even a few hours, to relax, have fun, and escape on the weekend. Plus, this weekend I’ll be hanging out with some pretty awesome blogging ladies! 🙂

Tell me something random about YOUR Thursday!


  1. I loved the Crypt Lake hike! It’s a very interesting one with lots of different challenges. Good luck with the chain on the mountain face!

  2. I was reading the summary of that hike and it terrified me. I’m definitely more of a walk on a path through nature girl, and less of a scale the side of a mountain girl.
    Can’t wait to see you TOMORROW!!

  3. I’m the same way when it comes to getting my hair cut — I try to go to the same place because I know they’ll do a good job, but really… my cut is super simple so there’s no real way to mess it up. And have an awesome time in the mountains this weekend! I’ll be out there too, but I’ll be headed out to Canmore/Banff to say bye to Sam 😥

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