Week of Waterton: The Eats.

week of waterton

We had the pleasure of dining at almost ALL of the local Waterton restaurants on our weekend retreat. Some were alright, some were fabulous! Waterton is by nature a summer tourist town, so the majority of businesses in the town are food establishments. There is a variety of places to eat, and if you like ice cream you are definitely in the right place!


Hiking: I had some snacks along the trail including a Quest bar, banana, apple, and trail mix. There is no grocery store in Waterton so I made sure to pack lots of snacks for the trip. There is a convenience store in town in case you forget something though!


Dinner: Jo and I were super hungry after our all-day hike to Crypt Lake and the other girls had already eaten by the time we were showered up and ready for ALL THE FOOD, so we headed to 49 degree North Pizza Waterton for some beer and pizza. I highly recommend that combination post-hike.


I had the veggie loaded pizza (with mushrooms, peppers, olives, and tomatoes) on a thin crust. It was good, but I think only because I was starving. The crust wasn’t exactly thin and it was kind of reminiscent of freezer-pizza but I enjoyed it simply because I was hungry. The beer WAS amazing. I ordered the Fernie Brewing Company Kickstand Honey Kolsch and it was delicious! Light and refreshing with tons of fruit-ish flavour. I should really be writing a hard-hitting brewery review blog.




Breakfast: Before heading to the marina for our boat cruise, the girls (and kiddies) met up at Pearl’s Cafe for breakfast. There was a limited selection of food on the menu, particularly for vegetarian somewhat healthy options, so I settled for the “Hiker’s Wrap” and just asked to have it without the sausage. It was exactly what I expected, not super good and a little soggy but it got the job done. I had a Quest bar and apple on the boat to hold me over until lunch!


Lunch: Weiners of Waterton was packed every time we had gone by so we knew it was the place to go! Leary of a hot-dog establishment for lunch I was pleasantly surprise to see they had a homemade falafel dog on the menu! That is exactly what I ordered and it is served on a FRESH homemade bun with the toppings of your choice. I added pickles, ginger carrots, hummus, and dijon mustard. It was DE-LISH.



Dinner: After our hike to Bertha Falls, the girls all met up at the Lakeside Chophouse, located in the Bayshore Inn, for dinner. It was a pretty fancy place, located right on the water, and had a hearty menu with tons of options.

(P.S. Bloggers make really cute kids… see evidence below!)


I tried out the Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale and it was an easy-drinking refreshing perfect post-hike beer! I ordered the Asian Soba Noodle Salad for dinner and it was SO GOOD. It was a chilled salad with TONS of vegetables, including edamame, in it!


salad soba


Breakfast: On Sunday, before heading to our Bear’s Hump hike, we dined at Trapper’s Mountain Grill for breakfast. It certainly had a bigger selection than Pearl’s Cafe and I can’t rave enough about the homemade saskatoon berry jam that I had with my toast. OMG. I enjoyed the garden vegetables omelette with rye toast and coffee, as well as subbed the potatoes for tomato slices.


Lunch: Before heading out of town, I stopped in at Welch’s Chocolate Shop, looking for a treat for the road. They have a whole range of pies and are famous for their coffee and pie. As not much of a pie-loving girl I decided to go for a blueberry scone, which the owner told me was more of a biscotti than a scone… PERFECT. It was delicious! I may need to vacuum my car now though…



I don’t think you can go too wrong with the options in Waterton. If you are looking for a vegan health vacation, don’t go to Waterton, or bring your own food, but for the majority of people it will offer a lot of options for such a small town. It’s a tourist town, so fair warning – it’s pricey, but the food for the most part was exactly what we needed. For a complete list of Waterton dining establishments, visit HERE!

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Disclaimer: The #ABBloggersRetreat was sponsored and funded by Chinook County Tourism in partnership with the Town of Waterton and Travel Alberta. All written recaps and opinions are my own.
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