WIAW: Banff Eats.

The fact that I have been travelling an inordinate amount in the last few weeks means that these WIAW posts are significantly more interesting than normal! I love showing my eats, especially when they are fun meals from restaurants and neat foods in cool places like Banff! Any food tastes good when you’re staring at the mountains though. Here is what I ate on Monday, the day I left Banff and travelled home.


Breakfast: After my attempted recovery run, I had a veggie omelette at the Mac Bistro at the Banff Centre. Instead of toast I got sliced tomato. The weird angle of the photo is just to show you my view while eating breakfast. MOUNTAINS.


Breakfast #2: Carrot and chia muffin from Whitebark Cafe, as well as an americano. The muffin was SO GOOD. I know it was probably terrible for me but I needed some carbs (by needed, I mean wanted).



Lunch: I snacked on a red pepper and rice crackers at my aunt’s before the Calgary Stampeders game, then I brought a quest bar for the game. I tried the peanut butter and jelly flavour (meh), but didn’t take a photo sooo.


Dinner: Leaving Calgary at about 7pm I was starving, so I bought a footlong-whole-wheat-all-veggies-egg-white sub to eat while I drove home. I love all-day Subway breakfast because adding some egg white protein to my sub is the BEST. YUM.


While it wasn’t a usual high-protein day for me, it was fairly healthy for a “travel day.” I loved having a Quest bar at the game because I was hungry but not “eat all the greasy food” hungry. I wish I had taken more photos of my meals in Banff because they were so yummy and pretty! I randomly have a photo of my Friday lunch and it was too delicious not to share: Wild Flour Cafe; veggie sandwich with split pea soup and a fig cookie.


Next week: Eats from Canmore! I’m looking forward to another weekend in the mountains AND another run in the mountains! I am stoked to see a ton of bloggers there as well!

Are you running the Rocky Mountain Canmore half marathon this weekend?

Favourite kind of soup?

Continental breakfast – what do you grab at a hotel?


  1. Travelling alone is the BEST. The few weeks I spent alone in Asia were some of my favourite weeks spent traveling EVER. It’s so easy to make good friends quickly, and gives you the chance to get to know yourself and the world. 100% would recommend ✌?️

  2. That last soup and sandwich looks so good! Beef vegetable barley is my favourite soup, although I like most soups. And I have no self control and continental breakfasts – I want to try everything! Have a great race this weekend!

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