WIAW: Canmore Race Weekend.

Once again I spent this past weekend hanging out in the Rockies! This time I was there for the Canmore Rocky Mountain half marathon! This day of eats comes from Canmore and Banff, the day before the race while we were wandering, shopping, and carbo-loading. I guess it’s more of a “What I Ate Saturday” but let’s just call it What I Ate Wednesday.


Breakfast: We had a kitchen in our hotel suite so we brought breakfast for the weekend. I had greek yogurt with vanilla protein powder, raspberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and raisins. It was so incredibly delicious and made for good pre-10-mile-walk fuel!


Morning Snack: We got back from our 2+ hour walk, did some foam rolling and stretching, and then hit up the hot tub for a few minutes before showering and getting ready for the day. We were all pretty hungry and it was almost noon so I snacked on some soy jerky and a mini Clif bar from our half marathon race packages.

morning clif

Lunch: We met some of our neighbours (also in town to run the race!) for a late lunch at Magpie & Stump, a mexican restaurant in Banff that is SO good. I got the veggie quesadilla and it was delicious!


Afternoon Snack: We wrapped up our time in Banff, drove back to Canmore, and made sure to stay hydrated with an iced Americano. We truly couldn’t have asked for better weather to be in the Rockies. It was almost 30 degrees C all afternoon!


Dinner: While my mom was still full from our late lunch, I was ready for dinner as we headed back to our hotel around 7pm. I grabbed a roasted veggie sandwich from Beamer’s Coffee, munched on some bell peppers, and enjoyed a protein chocolate milk for dinner.


Nighttime Snack: Fruit, fruit, and more fruit. I was craving something sweet so I had melon, and an unpictured plum!


Definitely not a typical day of eating for me because traveling from home tends to do that but it was sure delicious! I haven’t found a terrible place to eat in Canmore or Banff yet so we’re on a serious hot streak of delicious food. Not to worry, I’ll be back in the mountains in another two weeks, trying new places to eat – this time in Waterton, AB!

Vegetables or fruit? 

Sweet or salty?

Bread or pasta?


  1. I’m getting so excited for our girls getaway in the Rockies!!!

    Magpie & Stump is one of my fav Banff restaurants – I have a dinner date there tonight and I can’t wait to stuff my face with a burrito!!

    I’m bringing my own breakfast options to Waterton, btw. Can we be roomies?

  2. Hi, Kris,

    My husband and I just got back from a road trip out West (we’re from near Toronto) (I think we were in Banff a couple days before you were) and I just wanted to thank you for bringing the nachos at Nourish Bistro to my attention (in a couple of different posts last year, I think). Best. Nachos. Ever. They were one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Banff! (Along with, you know, mountains and turquoise rivers and all the rest of the spectacularly beautiful scenery that comes with the Rockies that we most definitely don’t have at home.) It was one of the best meals we had on our trip!

    Definitely fruit
    Usually sweet but sweet-and-salty is the best
    I cannot choose between the deliciousness of either of these carby treats

    1. I’m so glad you ate there!! Those nachos are so crazy and sound repulsive but are potentially the best meal ever!! I hope you enjoyed the Rockies!! 😀

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