WIAW: Vancouver Vacation Edition.

It’s always fun to get a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) post that is not my typical egg whites, snack plate, quest bar, and protein shake. I remembered to take photos of my food for an entire day in Vancouver! *self five* James and I went to so many awesome places to eat and I can’t even name all of the delicious restaurants and cafes we went to but there were some gems. This edition displays one day of my food in YVR!


Breakfast: I am a breakfast person. James has coffee for breakfast. Not coffee and egg whites and tofu and fruit… just COFFEE. I don’t understand. Breakfast is not just an optional thing for me, it is essential, so most mornings after my workout I made myself some form of this breakfast, eggs and fruit or eggs and yogurt, or in this case, eggs and toast.


Lunch: This day in particular, we went to the PNE amusement park, Playland. After 4 hours (and just 3 rides might I add), I was starving, so we went and had grilled cheese for lunch. Mine had pesto, grilled vegetables, and provolone cheese. It was heaven.


Dinner: After the amusement park we had a little bit of time to go for dinner before the White Caps game but not enough to go back to his place and make dinner so we stopped at a little Lebanese restaurant called Numa. I had the stuffed eggplant and a grapefruit beer. The eggplant was incredible, with roasted red peppers, feta, and walnuts, on a cooked eggplant. YUM.


Snack: After the WhiteCaps game we went back to James’ apartment and I was pretty hungry after eating an early dinner so I made a yogurt parfait with oatmeal raisin granola, strawberry greek yogurt, and fruit. This was an awesome bedtime movie-watching snack!


It is so fun to be in a new city and trying new foods. I don’t really eat out AT ALL when I am home so it was great to be able to use my vacation to turn myself into a bit of a foodie and try things I wouldn’t normally try at home. I had a buckwheat sour cherry scone at Pure Bread, a mocha at Small Victory cafe, I had a mushroom skillet with rye toast at Forage… and the list goes on. It was a fun trip and I loved everything I ate!

What is your favourite type of restaurant to go to on vacation?

Do you ever pack your own food for travelling?


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