You’re gonna wanna dance.

You’re welcome grammar police, how’s that for a title. (My mom is going to be really upset about that title actually, sorry mom, I swear I can write complete and correct sentences.) I have found some awesome songs for my workout and spin playlists lately and I haven’t had a music post in a while so I thought I would do you a solid and freshen up your latest jams.

When I talk about music I get really old school yo.


Locked Away – R. City ft. Adam Levine. Not just because it’s Adam Levine and everything he sings is music from the heavens, but because this song is catchy and fun and the perfect warm-up workout song or dancing in the car song!

Cheyenne – Jason Derulo. Not the typical Jason Derulo song that starts with “JASON DERRULOOOO!!” in an annoying Pitbull way, but a cute song with a great steady beat to do a lovely killer hill climb in spin class.

How Deep Is Your Love (DJ Snake Remix) – Calvin Harris. A faster song than the last two which I used for sprints in last night’s spin class but I also added it to my weight lifting playlist to rock out in the gym. I am terrible at finding good remixes but this one is definitely a keeper.

Hey Brother/Glad You Came Mashup – Avicii and The Wanted. Don’t judge me. It’s a neat mashup and if we all learned anything from Glee, it was that mashups are cool and fun. I actually didn’t watch Glee but I think they had a episode solely dedicated to mashups, so I had a spin class a few weeks ago with a LOT of mashups and it was super fun!

Hula Hoop – Omi. The next best thing from the ‘Cheerleader’-famous Omi. It’s another light and airy beat that works well for a steady ride in spin class or some steady state cardio in the gym or on the streets. I like to start my runs with fun songs like this to get me motivated and in the right state of mind.

Omen – Disclosure ft. Sam Smith. Not the perfect “workout song” because it is a little slower than the rest but I still love this song. It made for a great cool down song in spin class so maybe listen to this one while you’re stretching after your run!

Tear the Roof Up [Extended Mix] – Alesso. I had this song on my spin playlist for MONTHS. It was perfect in length for some longer sprint interval drills. I think people started to hate this song in my classes because they knew they were about to endure almost 7 minutes of sprint intervals when it came on! I also have it on my weight lifting playlist though so clearly I haven’t become tired of it yet!

Uma Therman – Fall Out Boy. Can’t stop won’t stop with this song. It’s my go-to running song, especially when I need a little boost in the middle or at the end of my run! Love it.

I’ve said it before but music totally makes my workout. Even when I took my group fitness instructing course, an entire section of lectures was about music and choosing the right music to motivate participants and keep them engaged. More than just the beat to think about there are encouraging lyrics in songs, timing for intervals in the chorus, volume differences between songs on a playlist, and reducing transition time between songs. I try to vary my spin playlist for EACH and every class and not only does it help my participants not know what’s coming next, it helps me get excited about new songs and drills so I am engaged with the class too!

What is your current favourite song?

ALL TIME favourite song?

Has it snowed yet where you live? It is cold here in Edmonton and I wore a sundress yesterday. Good call Kris.


    1. Same, I think I have a new “favourite song” each day… maybe even each hour. It’s ridiculous. I have to admit though, Bryan Adam’s ‘Summer of ’69’ is my all-time favourite.

  1. Fav song right now: Happiness by the Kilowatt – Alexisonfire.
    Only two more days until they’re reunited at SonicBoom!

  2. It’s friggin cold here in Red Deer too. It’s like September came and the summer switch turned off. Brrrr!

    My current favourite song is Kings Never Die – Eminem ft Gwen Stefani. I LOVE Gwen Stefani

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