Chicago Marathon Goals.

As you read this, I am either headed to the airport, sitting in an airport, or flying to Chicago. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO FAST? I say it all the time but marathon training cycles seem so long when you start, especially because I tried an 18-week plan this time, but now that we are heading into marathon weekend I feel like it flew by. I am so ready to crush this race.


I haven’t stressed a ton about this race. Sure, I’m nervous and I’m kind of ready for this race to just be done, but I haven’t taken it too seriously and plan to keep it that way. I have a few goals for this race but because this training cycle was less than ideal, I really don’t know how it’s going to go! For the most part, I am just simply excited to explore Chicago!


GOAL A: Sub-4. Meh, not even sure where to start with time goals.


GOAL B: Focus on chasing down the hot guys in the race. I should be able to find a few handsome dudes out of the 46,000 runners racing this Sunday. 😉


GOAL C: Finish the race, upright and smiling. That’s it… finish.



I have done very little research as to what I should get up to in Chicago while I’m there (besides running 26.2 miles). The extent of my research was finding out if any major sports teams were playing while I was there. The Blackhawks have a late game on Saturday which isn’t ideal for pre-race routines and the rest of the leagues play Thursday and Monday night. Damnit. My engineer running friend wants to do an architectural river boat tour… friends off.

See you from Chicago!

Any suggestions for restaurants in Chicago?

Suggestions for things to do?!


  1. We were in Chicago this time last year and it was great. I’d recommend the river tour, and we enjoyed the Chicago History Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Museum of Science and Industry (so fun!).

    Good luck with the marathon!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Thanks for much awesome suggestions! If we have time Sunday afternoon (post-race when we want to just relax) we may try the river cruise!! I never thought to go to the Museum of Science and Industry – neat idea, maybe Monday!!

    1. I was hoping to run into you somewhere!! Maybe at the finish tomorrow… I’ll sneak around “C” in the family check and see if I can spot you!! GOOD LUCK HEATHER!

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