Fitness Friday #1.

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Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Last week, as you read, I started my Finish Strong 10-week strength training plan. Week 1 was extremely successful but I was sadly reminded of how much strength you can lose by just taking a few weeks off of weight lifting to focus on running! It was a rude awakening when I loaded up the barbell and couldn’t bench press even close to where I was in the summer! It’s awesome to know that I have a lot of room to improve and I think I’ll see awesome gains during these next 10 weeks. As a refresher, this is the plan I’m following:

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.57.43 PM

I normally like plans that start on a Monday, or on the first of the month, or a day that makes a little more sense than Friday, October 23 but there IS a reason behind it! It will be exactly 10 weeks from that start date to New Years Eve, essentially 10 weeks until the new year!


As I mentioned, I had a really awesome week of strength training, with a few bursts of running thrown in. I did a lot of walking and wandering on the weekend and it was lovely! I was able to DOMINATE my leg workouts this week which meant some severe soreness basically ALL week long. Stairs were fun. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.43.46 PM

I’m excited to get started on this next week of training. I really tailored this training plan to my life schedule, for example only doing cardio on Tuesdays because I teach two spin classes that day and to do an addition strength workout would be way too much. I also left my weekends really wide open so that I didn’t feel like I was “skipping my plan” if I went for a longer run or hike or walk! I think adapting a plan to your life is so key to success!


My hiking plans for tomorrow are super weather-dependant. We’ve reached that point in the year where it may or may snow at any given time as the temperatures hover right around freezing. I think it might be cloudy in Canmore tomorrow which won’t make for great views but you never know. Mountain air has never ever ever been a bad decision! Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of Fitness Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I was all motivated to link up last week but couldn’t see the link up (I think because I was on my Chromebook…). Anyway, I am ready to go tomorrow. Looking forward to your post!

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