Marathon Monday: CMT Weeks 16 & 17.

After the weekend in Waterton my blog was jammed with posts about the adventures in southern Alberta all of last week so I missed out on posting my recap of Chicago Marathon Training Week #16! I decided to just delay it and recap both weeks 16 and 17 in this week’s edition of Marathon Monday!

Marathon Monday

I’m a mixed bag of emotions right now. The marathon is less than a week away and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or vomit. I am severely under-trained, battling various aches and pains, and kind of done with marathon training (or lack there of). I am mostly looking forward to a trip to the windy city and spending the Canadian thanksgiving long weekend exploring a new city! Let’s just not think about my approaching 26.2 mile exploration of death and impending doom on Sunday.


My weekend in Waterton compromised my Friday and Saturday runs… in the BEST way possible. Hiking > running. I think my legs got enough of a workout climbing over 4000 ft in two days that they would have on the 12-mile long run I had planned. I ended up actually hiking over 20 miles throughout the weekend… let’s call that modified marathon training.


A look at my 16th week of training (whaaaaaat?!) and you will see that I had a pretty typical week of spinning, running, and strength, and then a not so typical weekend of hiking. I think I tried to incorporate as many different forms of exercise into this week as possible. Fun fact… I ran once. ONE TIME. Nailed it. A total of over 25 miles on the week.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.16.28 PM

As for this past week, training week #17, I hit ALL of my runs. I think that might be the second week in this training cycle that I actually did what I set out to do in my training plan. It’s a miracle. I felt a lot better this week pain-wise so that was fun! I didn’t hate every step of running and actually loved running through the changing leaves and the crisp fall air.

I had no workout on the agenda for Sunday so when my friend asked if I wanted to meet him on the spin bikes in the morning I said, “HELL YES.” He decided to do a long run before he met me so the spin was his cool down but I did a steady-state 45 minute spin session before hitting the weights for a bit. Spin goes by extremely fast when you’re chatting!

team friendship

It was a nice and successful taper week. I felt decent, the fall air makes for PERFECT running conditions, and I enjoyed some fun social events with my momma this weekend (I was her date to a staff function Friday night and she was my date to a horticulinary festival on Saturday)! A total of 22.05 miles this week.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.31.48 AM

The Chicago marathon is in exactly SIX days people! AHHH! Look for my marathon “goals” in a post on Friday, as well as a fun recap of the Dig In Horticulinary festival in tomorrow’s post!

When is YOUR next race?

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Chicago is so much fun – I went there a couple of years ago and loved it! I’m sure you’ll have a great time and crush that marathon. I love spin classes and I’m curious – how much of a workout do you get when you’re instructing?

  2. Good luck in Chicago, it’s going to be awesome! I’m actually running my first race of the year this weekend – well, pacing the 10k (1:10 finish time). I’m running the PEI Half Marathon on Oct 18th!

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