My favourite protein packed snacks.

Aside from WIAW posts, I think I have talked non-stop about fitness and running for far too long! My blog used to talk about recipes and snacks and more food, so it’s time to revisit that deliciousness! This post is not sponsored so you can guarantee these are my own humble opinions, not influenced by any sort of company or sponsorship. As a vegetarian, it’s not impossible to get the daily recommendations for protein but it does take some conscious effort to keep up with protein intake while training. Here are some of my favourite protein-packed snacks!

  1. Cottage cheese, with cucumber, avocado, and tomato, as well as a sprinkle of cracked black pepper… not to be high maintenance or anything. I swear, it’s a really easy portable snack!


2. Soy jerky. Hickory smoked is my favourite and so far I have only been able to find it at a whole foods store but man is it good and LOADED with protein. Most soy jerky is either seitan, tempeh, or mushrooms.


3. Quest bars. Maybe a tiny bit more processed that I like but they are so handy to have when you are stuck in a bind and need a protein-packed snack. My favourites are Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. My second favourite protein bars are Simply Protein (coffee cocoa is the best!).


4. Greek yogurt with a scoop of protein powder. Not all protein powders work surprisingly as some have a different concentrate of whey to casein and actually make the yogurt more or less liquidy. I like thick greek yogurt and have found that LeanFit Chocolate or Vanille whey protein from Costco keeps the yogurt thick. To make this more of a hearty snack or meal I add trail mix or fruit to it!


5. Hard-boiled eggs. It’s okay to be “that person” that brings eggs to work for a snack, just be sure to leave them in the fridge, try and peel them before you pack them in your lunch, and keep them in the kitchen when you eat. It’s okay to be “that person” but not “THAT person” who smells like eggs.


6. Milk. No, I’m serious. Those cute little boxes of milk, soy milk or otherwise are SO delicious, portable, and have a nice little protein boost. I also recommend snacking on milk steamed with added espresso.


7. Roasted chickpeas. It’s like you’re snacking on crunchy nuts but with a tiny bit less guilt because the serving size to caloric ratio is a little better. I love plain sea salt ones but chili lime from The Good Bean are awesome too and have a bit of a kick!


8. Veggies and hummus. Probably the lesser of the protein in this list but hummus has both great healthy fats and a bit of protein. I cannot and will not give up this daily snack so it just had to be on this list!


Of course I love all sources of carbohydrate-loaded snacks but when I’m really looking for added protein in my diet, the snacks above are the ones I lean towards. Most have to be refrigerated so keep that I mind but they made for awesome and delicious foods to hold you over in between meals!

What are YOUR favourite protein packed snacks?

Do you find yourself hungrier when you don’t snack on foods with protein?


  1. Yes, I’ve had to make upping my protein a priority otherwise I just don’t really feel “full” or can’t stop snacking. Or I’m hungry an hour later.

    My typical go-to’s are protein-chia pudding, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna salad & Quest bars. 🙂

  2. Great list!!! This is really helpful as I’m trying to add more protein into my diet. I LOVE Quest bars (because they’re simply and portable) but I also like those chick peas, hummus and greek yogurt!

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