September Goal Recap & October ABS.

Let’s recap my September goals shall we? I decided at the beginning of the month to regain focus on my nutrition, run a sub-2 half marathon in Canmore, and complete a 20-mile training run in preparation for Chicago. You can check out the post HERE! They were pretty basic goals and I tried to make them as measurable as possible.

  1. Nutrition – I did moderately well with this one. Now that I’m back in school I’ll go with report card style grading and give myself a B on this one. I didn’t hit my macros every day and Waterton definitely threw off my protein intake but I also didn’t completely blow it. There were treats that slid in but for the most part I made sure I ate healthy, micronutrient-dense foods and got enough protein.


2. Sub-2 Half Marathon in Canmore – A+ – I wasn’t anticipating this race to be so fast or feel so good, but it was a total success. I used this race as a training run and controlled my pace the entire time, something I am always so strangely proud of. I ran a 1:50:42 for an average pace of 8:27 and it was such a spectacular race!


3. Run a 20-mile training run in preparation for Chicago – A+ – another winner this month. Having struggled through more runs than I can count this summer I was expecting this to be a huge disaster but I nailed it and it gave me a huge confidence boost! ONE WEEK UNTIL CHICAGO.

twenty miles

How it’s October already I will never know. I was looking in my agenda to see what readings I had to complete this weekend and for my program planning course I had listed “Read Week #6 articles”… WHAT? WEEK 6? Time sure flies when you’re having fun dying at school.


I had a hard time thinking of realistic and measurable goals for October. I am tapering for the Chicago marathon, running the marathon, and then probably taking a significant break from running to rest my poor body which means my workouts will be the furthest thing from consistent this month. I don’t want to set unrealistic mileage or strength training goals simply because I have no idea how I’ll feel after the 26.2 miles on October 11 and I will likely need to step back from serious training to recover! One thing I can do anytime? ABS.

You know, those muscles I kind of forgot about for months and months…


OCTOBER ABS: Complete this workout 3 times each week. Begin with 3 sets and work up to 5 sets by the end of the month. I’m gonna be ripped.


Do you have any October goals?

Favourite pumpkin recipe?

Best ab move for a killer six pack?


  1. Oh cheese…I love you so. Wait, what are we talking about here? Abs. Right. I don’t know what those are seeing as mine are already covered over for a cold winter 😉 I can’t believe it’s October already! I don’t do monthly goals but I’m thinking maybe I should start…I’m not a HUGE pumpkin fan, but I actually really like pumpkin soup! Good luck next weekend!

  2. Congrats on your goals!! You’re going to crush Chicago. Question, do you stop your watch for water/fuel breaks during your long runs or keep it going? I always stop mine but not sure k should be for a more realistic time.

    I need to rest my body after this training cycle too. It hates me lol

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