Six Sunday Shenanigans.

I still haven’t run since the marathon… which means on a blog that is mostly about fitness, specifically running, I find myself so lost with not as much to talk about. SHOCKING, I know. I am finding that resting a ton this week and not going to the gym meant I had SO much time to sleep, eat breakfast even slower than I already do, waste time on Pinterest, and pretend to do homework. Here are SIX things that happened yesterday… that DID NOT include running.

  • I went for a lovely walk with my mommy in the morning. We slept in, like actual sleep-in and not just Kris sleep in, and then walked for almost two hours. It was just so gorgeous out! I came home and decked out in Canadian attire… PLAID.


  • I went stargazing last night. It was such a clear and beautiful night that I couldn’t resist. One of my girlfriends is determined to see the Northern Lights before she leaves Edmonton so I am keeping my eye on the aurora watch for us to do that… for now, stargazing. My photography career is really taking off.

This is my actual legitimate iPhone photo:


This is what I thought it was going to look like:


  • My friend and I made pumpkin scones last night. We used a copycat Starbucks recipe from Pinterest and they turned out incredible! Not super sweet but they had a glaze on them to give them that nice sugary coating. Let’s just pretend we were as awesome at icing them as the recipe developers were.


  • I spent three hours in a coffee shop writing my thesis yesterday… my life is so exciting.


  • My friend Jamie and I are going to the Dallas Smith concert in November! While we were waiting for our scones to cool we decided to see what country music concerts were coming to town and the tickets to Dallas Smith were super cheap and we LOVE him so we bought tickets right then, right there.


Until November 14 Dallas Smith…


  • I am taking another day of pure blissful rest before hopping back into an easy gym week this week. On Friday, I’ll be starting a Fitness Friday link-up AND a 10-week end of the year fitness challenge for myself… I’ll keep you posted!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Have a fabulous Sunday!


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