Take it easy.

Take it easy. Take it easy. Take it eeeeeasy. That is the advice I have heard from 987413 people this week. People know me. They know I’m competitive and they know I love to workout and that I feel guilty when I skip a day at the gym, so most people have really good intentions when they are telling me to take it easy after my marathon. I know guys, I know.


Note: I hope when you read the title of today’s post you start singing this song.

I am really taking it easy this week. I taught my three weekly spin classes because, well, I get paid to teach and I love my classes. My Tuesday morning class was awesome because I took it so easy that I had so much energy to talk and shout and yell. I basically pedalled at gear 2 the whole time and it actually loosened up my legs quite a bit. I felt really good during my Tuesday evening spin class but still kept the gear lower than normal and just made my participants work hard. Last night I had my third spin class of the week and added almost my normal tension but still on the standing climbs and heavy resistance work I backed off.


I am taking at least another week of rest/easy workouts and next Friday I am starting a 10-week strength training challenge. I am kind of loving waking up in the morning this week and knowing a don’t really have to get up and get a hear pounding workout in. Don’t get me wrong, I am already getting anxious to get back into the gym, but I kind of love this down time. I can feel my muscles slowly getting back to normal and healing up… I’m making sure to help this process along by getting lots of calories in. 😉


Reasons why I know I NEED to take time off after the Chicago Marathon:

  • My muscles were totally and completely destroyed after the race. Those little micro tears that happen when you participate in endurance sports need TIME to heal!
  • I could tell my body was breaking down before the marathon. I have had a weird lump under my right shin for months and that fact that I kept running meant the bruise and lump stayed there… I need to rest and stretch that bad boy out.
  • A marathon is one day, but marathon rest means resting from your entire 18-week training cycle. The race is one thing, but the weeks of training that went into the race require a ton of race too.
  • I can focus on things other than running to help balance my fitness routine. Resting from running and taking it easy means I can focus on other things like barre class and stretching… things that get tossed to the side when I am heavy into running.
  • The first guy who ran 26.2 miles DIED doing it… so I should probably take that as a sign that marathons are in fact HARD. I need to rest and you know, not die.

There is a great article HERE from Runner’s World about the time needed to rest after a marathon. Full and complete rest for 3-7 days, then a slow and gradual introduction of intensity and duration of exercise for a few weeks. It’s like a reverse taper. Boom. #knowledgedrop

That’s my plan for the next week. Take it easy. Rest when I need to. STRETCH. Go with the flow and make time for things I didn’t get to do while marathon training. It’s really easy when you think about it.


I will give you all of the details of my next fitness challenge next week. For now, my calves are still too sore to talk about strength training. I am excited to enjoy a weekend a home after being away for 4 of the last 6 weekends since I started the fall semester at school!

Marathon rest time -> what is your post-race plan?

What is the most common thing you hear when you tell people about your race/workout?


  1. I did my first race/triathlon this summer and while a lot of people were like “wow that’s really cool” or “oh my goodness I could never swim that far” but I also got a few “Why?!” For them it was sort of unfathomable that I would put myself through that kind of training intentionally… but it was an amazing journey for me and I suppose that’s what really matters, right?

  2. Your week of takin’ it easy sounds just like mine! The most activity I did was a 3.5 km run with a bunch of 4th and 5th graders at school for running club and daily 10 minutes of yoga with my first and second graders. I’m still totally zonked since I went straight back to work upon returning to Halifax. This weekend is all about the zzzzzzzzzz’s!

  3. Haha, daughter of the biggest Eagles fan ever right here so that song is definitely what I thought of when I saw the title of your post. Good luck recovering from your marathon! I’ve never run one so I don’t have any words of advice, but it sounds like you’ve pretty much got it figure out ;).

  4. There have been so many stories about people dying during races, lately, it seriously freaks me out!

    I plan to spend a few days, after the marathon, walking around NYC (my favourite city in the world) and sightseeing. I won’t be doing any workouts.

    I am doing the RnRLV two weeks later but will be taking it easy and enjoying the run with friends who have never really raced before so it’ll be fun!

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