The Post-Race Feels.

What am I feeling after the Chicago marathon? Well, a lot of things actually. I know for sure I gave it my all in the race simply by the way I woke up on Monday. After a couple of restless nights of sleep I was hoping to get a super sleep on Sunday night after the race. After all, there were no nerves left, I had nothing scheduled Monday morning, and my body was completely exhausted. As it would seem, every time I went to move in the night my body would wake me up because I was so sore! Oh well, it was still a good sleep. On Monday I had a lot of post-race feels.


I felt SO SO SO SORE. I guess I ran my hardest because I was incredibly sore the next day. My left quad was not ready to work again so when we explored downtown Chicago before our flight on Monday it was more of a hobble than a walk. Stairs were my worst enemy.


I felt PROUD of myself. I don’t care if it seems completely narcissistic and selfish to say but I am 110% proud of my race on Sunday. Not only am I proud of those 3 hours 44 minutes and 19 seconds, but I’m proud of the effort I put into my training cycle, no matter how many things went wrong, I persevered and it paid off.


I felt absolutely thankful. I had texts, tweets, Instagram comments, and Facebook comments from people I know and love all around the country and it made me so grateful for the support I have around me. I can’t even describe to you guys how much each comment means to me and it made me cry when my mom texted me while I was running because she was tracking me and she knew my chip time before I did! XOXO


I felt hungry. I thought I ate quite a few of my calories back after the race on Sunday but I woke up on Monday morning STARVING. We walked to Corner Bakery Cafe and I tried the berry Swiss cold oats. An excellent choice on my part, but I think the whole menu looked fabulous. This place had a constant line up each time we walked past and for good reason!


I felt lost. Albeit I didn’t even want to think about running on Monday morning but for the last 18 weeks I have had a set workout on my calendar and it feels weird to look at my week ahead and see no set plan. I am thankful for the freedom but as a goal-oriented person I find myself asking “what next?”


I am looking forward to challenging myself in new and awesome ways, but for now, I am taking it easy for a few weeks and letting my poor muscles heal. It was an adversity-ridden training cycle and I never really let my bruises fade or my body rest so I think that time has finally come!

How long do you take off after a marathon?

Latest breakfast of choice?


  1. Way to go Kris! You should be proud of what you accomplished!
    I’m a big fan of taking 1 week totally off after a marathon and then easing back into things, but very easily. The last time I didn’t give myself enough rest I paid for it for a loooong time.

  2. Congrats on the awesome job! I take a few weeks or until I feel like I can get a mile or 2 in to feel accomplished. Your body will tell you when it’s ready to start running again!

  3. I think I took about 2-3 weeks off any training after each of my marathons, but after about a week I added in some easy runs. Take the time to enjoy it and you are right to be so proud of yourself, you did a great job!

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