Thinking Out Loud Thursday #32!

I am so tired and very low on energy as I write this so brace yourself for one heck of a random thinking out loud Thursday! A few of you commented on how long my Tuesdays are after reading yesterday’s WIAW post… my entire week is like that from Monday to Thursday so by Friday I am SO DONE. It’s a good thing I love so much of what I do at school, work, and spin! Thanks again to Amanda at Running with Spoons for hosting the Thinking Out Loud Thursday link-up!


  • I broke my non-lulu streak today. I have even less time to race from school to spin this afternoon so I am spandex-clad at school today so I don’t have to take time to change. I can’t believe I went over a month without wearing tights to school. I even wore dresses more days than not. WHO AM I?


  • I have discovered Herb and Garlic light cream cheese and it was a mistake. Holy man that stuff is addicting. My brother bought it to put on his morning bagels and stuff and I tried some with crackers and now I am addicted.


  • The Mindy Project is back (yeah, I know I’m late to the party on this one but I just caught up on season 4) and I didn’t realize how much I missed having that show in my life. SO FUNNY. Admittedly I think single Mindy was funnier than mom Mindy but that show is still hilarious.


  • Does anyone else instantly panic when the city train stops for no reason… IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER?


  • HOCKEY IS BACK. I think there is an excessive amount of capitalization going on in this post but I’m just really excited for a lot of things right now, hockey season included! The Habs played their first regular season game last night and won… obviously.


  • My mom and I found the craziest and coolest pumpkins at the Enjoy Centre on the weekend! How adorable are these white pumpkins!! I really want to visit a pumpkin patch this month because I think that just screams autumn!


  • ACCURATE. P.S. I need these.


  • I leave for Chicago tomorrow… how is that even possible? I can’t. I just. Ugh, I’m so not ready for this!


Check out tomorrow’s post for my marathon goals. It is really blowing my mind that I will be running a marathon in three sleeps. I really think I am at least heading into this race with a really great attitude and after battling so many aches, pains, and injuries this summer I have grown to appreciate the simplicity of running. It doesn’t have to be complicated and this may be the only time I go to Chicago, at least in the foreseeable future, so I am going to have a damn good time!

Food addiction right now? Condiments count.

Do you go to pumpkin patches in the fall? Do you also drink pumpkin spice lattes at said patch?

NHL fans out there?! 


  1. Good luck on your race this weekend, lady! You’re gonna rock the socks off that sucker! And heck YES to hockey season being back! I have a hard time watching most sports, but hockey is something I’m always down for… probably because I grew up with a hockey-obsessed dad so it has a tonne of sentimental value.

  2. MMMM Herb and Garlic cream cheese sounds like something that would not last long around me.

    Those white pumpkins are awesome! I hope to take Liam to a pumpkin patch this year, hopefully we can find some white ones too.

  3. We’re leaving for Chicago this morning. Totally blowing my mind I’m running a marathon in 3 sleeps too!

    Totally addicted to Nuttzo…eating right from the jar is ok right???

    Yes to pumpkin patches. Just brought my son, 4 yrs old, to one other day. Pumpkin town it’s called with a tractor ride. Very cute.

    No to PSL…although never tried. Missing out?

    NHL is not really my thing. Sorry. Although my brother in law is an obsessed Rangers fan and will co scantly scream at the tv during a game. It’s a show in itself.

    Now question for you, any good restaurants in Chicago you’re trying?

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